Sep 4, 2010

Gno H8

Saw an old Fiat 850 Spyder (8508) yesterday in Kirkland, looked just like this one.

Immediately afterwards a quick pit stop at the Kirkland octagonal public men’s room, and the guy who came in right after me had 885 printed on his t-shirt, and then, of course, I couldn’t stop seeing double 8’s and 5’s everywhere after that.

The 5 is the pentagram: Venus, Lucifer, Jesus, the Morning Star. Light bringing knowledge or Gnosis, in other words.

8 is “Infinity and Beyond”, more than seven, better than perfect. Super natural. And H, the strangely recurring letter around these parts, see The Double H Ranch.

H8 was the logo adopted by the anti Prop 8 lobby in California, and I have to wonder about the unconscious adoption of the HH/88 by gay marriage advocates in California, as well as myself.

Last night Var and I were dragged to gay Country Western night at The Cuff (local levi/leather bar) by a friend and we wound up having a gr8 time. Not that I will be endangering the dance floor again anytime soon, but it was fun to go back to a bar that I practically lived in during my 30’s. And you know, it hasn’t changed a bit. Times may change, but seedy gay bars are eternal.

Anyway, before the bar we grabbed some pizza on Broadway and saw a wildly painted VW New Beetle that I kick myself for not taking its portrait, because it was Morning Glory brand .... (don’t remember the product), and there were amazing vines of morning glory covering the dashboard and the exterior paint. It was like the car had become Audrey 2 - the plant from “Little Shop of Horrors”. See Little Shop of Miracles for all about that.

Rather strangely, before we picked up our "bud" after work at pentagram resonating Macy's, we drove through Seattle's Pioneer Square in order to "kill some time". Pioneer Square is the original "Skid Row", AKA landing pad of the invading alien plant genome.

The VW reminds me of Hitler’s “people’s car” (the dark side of the 8?) and the New Beetle resonates “new scarab” or perhaps... “new junk”. All covered in light bringing, entheogenic, vine and messenger resonating morning glory... the power of 5.


Note to self: Trimmed this post way back from yesterday. Just because I have all kinds of stuff rattling around in here doesn't mean it all has to go down in one blog post. Stay focused!

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