Sep 22, 2010

On Common Ground

Var had a cool dream last night that involved an old classmate of his giving him some kind of key. Which synchs with our final angel visitation from Fort Flagler:

We decamped on Sunday, and stopped at a little coffee shop/bakery called On Common Grounds in Chimakum. While enjoying a coffee and bagel at an outdoor patio table, a strange old fellow walked up to our table and asked us:
“Have you ever seen anything like this?”
No “pardon me” or “Hi, how are ya?”, just the question, and he shows us a faded blister pack that contained a Schlage door lock tumbler replacement kit. How odd. Var took an interest in the package and figured it had to be old, but not THAT old, because it had a bar code, which were invented in the ’70’s. I noticed the tumblers were all color coded, rainbow colors, actually.

I blew that messenger off and never gave him a second thought until Varen’s dream. But in hindsight, I wonder what he was saying about a door lock, the rainbow, and the 70’s? Was the key to the starg8/rainbow bridge/Id found in the 70’s? Considering Mr. Knowles’ current fascination with ‘The Secret War Against the New Age’, it makes me wonder. Maybe I HAVE seen this before, but I disregarded it.

I was given Constance Cumbey’s 'The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow' when I was an impressionable 20 year old, and I’m afraid to say it worked as intended. Between Constance Cumbey and Al Franken, I never took the New Age seriously, but I’m ready to take another look. I guess I’m pretty tired of the Old Age, which is more and more resembling the Middle Ages.

We use about 10% of our brains. It’s like we’re all born with these incredible minds, but our ego keeps a lock down on most of it, apparently out of fear. Our minds are a prison camp, with ego patrolling the razor wire fences of its territory, constantly fearing invasion from the Id. Seems like we really need to get these two together and find some 'common ground', so to speak.


Increase the performance of your Gateway:

Via Dvice: Intel is testing the market for upgradeable CPUs, where extra performance features can be unlocked after you pay a fee and enter a code.

The idea is being tested on their low-cost Pentium G6951 processor, where a $50 upgrade will unlock an additional 1MB of L3 cache and HyperThreading support. These features are already on all versions of the chip, but remain hidden unless you cough up the extra cash.

Shouldn't the price of processors be based on the cost to develop and manufacture them? If Lamborghini sold you a V-8 car that turned out to be just a V-12 with four of the cylinders disconnected, wouldn't that suggest that they were overcharging for the V-12?

Giving you something you can't use like this is a bit like waving a red flag at the hacker community. How long before some 15 year old kid comes up with a way around the locks?


Christopher Knowles said...

The series isn't really about the New Age- which I'm not really interested in- it's about how TPTB react to challenges to established belief systems.

Speaking of which what's your take on this story?

Michael said...

Cumbey and Franken are a good example of the "One-Two Punch" hit the evolving meme (in this case freedom from a central religious authority) with fear and if that doesn't work, ridicule.

Here's the POV from gay blogger Roids and Rants about Mr. Long:

"And so these young men - who were not under the age of consent - made the decision to have sex with him in exchange for a lavish lifestyle. Now these men are treated and pitied as helpless babified victims of a sex crime - and all the while their peers of the same age are being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan trained with the task of killing people. Western cultures are just so fucked up about sex and war."

Right said Fred.

Christopher Knowles said...

What about the everpresent theme of homophobic closet cases in Evangelicalism? Have you heard of Mark Driscoll?

Michael said...

Mars Hill is based in Seattle, so I've heard of him, and his homophobia, though I hadn't heard rumors about his being a closet case - do you have some juicy gossip?

Way back in the early 80's the paster of the first mega church in Kirkland - Overlake Christian Church was discovered to be having improper relations with high school age boys.

I see these as examples of when a man's phobia abut his own same sex attraction (mostly created by the church) drives him into the priesthood or other authoritarian church in order to "exorcise" the "demon". His ministry is literally driven by his own demons, and eventually they surface in the most scandalous way.

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