Sep 14, 2010

A Road Trip With VALIS

Var and I spent the holy 911 weekend at Fort Flagler State Park, on Marrowstone Island, on the Olympic Peninsula.

Welcome to Mary Stone

Marrowstone is a little bucolic gem where they make organic goat cheese from their own goats and you can buy your bundle of firewood from the locals using the honor system.

Marrowstone reminds me of Yellowstone and Jellystone (“smarter than the average bear”). Var and I often call one another ‘Boo Boo’, and ‘bear’ is a classic gay stereotype - a big, hairy guy with a love of comfort, beer and cub cuddling. ‘Bear’ is also the name of the famous Double Rainbow guy. Rainbows and bears make me think of lions and tigers and bears Oh my! And come to think of it, there isn’t much difference between a yellow brick and a yellow stone. Gay bears even have their own flag:

Marrow also reminds me of bones and boners, the place where red blood cells are made and what bears REALLY eat, all tying in with DNA and all that junk.

Marrowstone has a “twin” island just to the left of it called Indian Island that is home to a highly secure Naval Weapons facility - serving the nearby (Shiva resonating) Trident Nuclear Submarine base, complete with a razor wire fence that rings the perimeter, and it occurred to me that these two islands are excellent physical representations of ego left brain and Id right brain duality, since the islands are connected at the base by a tiny isthmus that could represent the Corpus Callosum - the bridge between left and right brains.

I began to think of Fort Flagler as if it were an old ego military base on the Island/planet/hemisphere of Id (the ‘land of organic goat cheese & honey’) that had long ago been assimilated into Id consciousness!

Perhaps I was a bear who happened to graze out beyond the razor wire fence of the collective ego... seeking a taste of honey in a pic-a-nic basket?

As we drove through the camp gates, Id gave us a little welcome sign:


We were nestled into campsite 17, and when I saw the numbers aligned vertically on the post, I realized that perhaps all my recent 71 sightings had really been reversed 17’s. 17 synchs with Osiris and the Green Man, so I felt that at least this bear had a chosen a potentially fruitful hunting ground.

Our camping neighbors were interesting. On the left was a nice family with young girls who all had one volume setting: SCREAM. They quickly warned us of a dangerous bee hive in the vicinity. Bear Note: where there are bees there is honey.

However, it was the neighbors on the right who proved central to this little trip. I had a clue early on when their tent-making skills included a giant rock and crutch. What the hell are Peter (the rock), Paul (the tentmaker) and Vulcan (the lame God) trying to tell me?

The neighbors introduce themselves: Jim, who has a decidedly mad, Doc Brown air about him, and his wife, the flaming red haired Dayna. Dayna actually spelled out her name to us... D-a-y-N-A. I began to suspect we were camping next to angels.

Saturday we visited Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival, where some people were wearing yellow stone and bear insignia. This BEAR was on a life preserver, reminding me of all the flooding disasters since 911.

Back in camp for the evening, we got to know the angels a little better. Jim (who wore the same colorful but dirty “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat” resonating shirt the entire weekend) told us about how he loved to build computers and did it as a hobby, revealing himself to be a Creator or Mad Scientist type, so rather perfect that DNA, the universal code, is his wife. Jim is also James T. Kirk, the Osiris/Dionysus/Bacchus resonating savior of Spock, AKA Vulcan/Hephaestus.

Anyway, Jim and DayNA (Osiris and Isis) then went on to tell us (completely unbidden), in amazing detail about a movie they’d recently downloaded which was all about a super computer Artificial Intelligence acting independently and attempting to take out the President, blah blah. And I’m thinking this is crazily symmetrical with my recent Google Vision and AI fixation.

I asked them what was the name of the film that they had both described in detail, and they couldn’t remember, which created this hilarious moment of unintentional drama when they finally DID remember it: ‘Eagle Eye’. Oh yea, of course - Horus. In other words...your son.

Never heard of the film, but it stars Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan (MM).

If God really IS a super computer, machine-like, VALIS intelligence, I think he/she has a bun in the oven.

Love Machine - The Miracles



There are two famous cities built on an Isthmus: Corinth and Seattle. Paul, the ‘tentmaker’ preached in Corinth at their temple to Artemis/DiaNA.

Finland's "Yoga Bear".

Double Rainbow Bear is quickly smeared: California Police issue warning about "Pedo Bear".

The Washington State Parks office is located at 1111 Israel Road SW, in Olympia.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch at a small town that featured these two amazing vessels moored next to each other: Volcano and Bacchanal. Vulcan and Bacchus, Dionysus and Hephaestus, Spock and Kirk, Left and Right Brains, The Twin Towers of Solomon's Temple.

The Eternal Buddies.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Holy Cow! What a post! Loved it. Very cool stuff, as usual!

Esperanto Grrl said...

This travelogue stuff is pretty interesting. You should do more posts of this nature as opposed to the shamanism-themed stuff, which is getting repetitive.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I think EG, that you are dead on, as usual. Repetition is part of the work out, you don't get very far doing only one rep. But progression is also necessary. I've had a strong feeling that it is time to move on - take it to the next level?

GreggerMan said...

So close and yet so far.

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