Oct 7, 2010

Doctor's Orders

This is not a post.

I was out putting the recycling on the curb this afternoon (synchs with junk DNA) and this odd fellow shuffles by with a green and white striped umbrella and engages me in conversation. He was oddly dressed and his teeth were in shockingly ill repair. Nonetheless, he complimented me on my front yard, nodding his approval especially to an enormous patch of overgrown weeds that embarrass me. I think: “OK, this is interesting”.

He offers me landscaping advice for the yard and I can tell he's more than a half a bubble off. I can’t help thinking that the Penguin has stopped by for a chat. He has no respect for “personal space”, I started to eye his umbrella with suspicion (no rain forecast for today). He was waving it wildly about, and I thought if things went from weird to worse, he’d smack me upside the head quicker than I could duck.

After lots of landscaping advice, he shares that he’d recently had a hernia operation and he didn’t take his medicine. His hernia flared up again and the doctor asked him: “Did you take your medicine?” and he said he didn’t. So he’d learned his lesson, which was to ‘always take your medicine’. Then he left.

I'll continue to take my Meds. Thanks for the reminder.


Anadæ Effro said...

Soooo, you'd a visit from The Penguin??? Priceless Michael, just priceless. Have an excellent autumnal weekend, you & Var & the pooches, and by all means, log onto Christopher Knowles' new web log, here & crank that muhfuh UP! ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

Hi Anadae, yea, the penguin, that Southern Thuler. You have a great weekend too. I love autumn, maybe because it's my birthday, which is coming up on Monday. Same as Columbus day this year!

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