Oct 22, 2010


I had this idea last week that I could meditate with a hard on. Apparently I’m not the first...

Lakulisha, a prominent guru c. 200 B.C

Sexual energy is focused in the lower chakras - the red and golden lions of the loins. (see what I just did there? Synchromystic mirroring. Snap!) Meanwhile, the “traditional” place of meditation is devoted to the higher chakras - the blue and violet realms of enlightenment and non-duality. Seems to me that the lower chakras are the “engine room” of the Kundalini Express, the power that makes the whole bloody thing work. It’s interesting that the heart chakra lies midway between these two polarities - the green mediator?

Dorothy and her friends conducted a crowning ceremony for the Cowardly Lion in the Emerald City, right before they gained access to see the Wizard. Perhaps that scene represents the Scarecrow (brain) and Tin Man (heart) recognizing the power of the Lion - the “fount” or “source” of Kundalini energy. I’ll let you know how it goes. I suppose the next step is meeting the Wizard.

Image via the website of Dr. Loren Roche.


Anonymous said...


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Eleleth said...

I don't know where the idea came from that you should only focus on the higher chakras; most sources say that you have to work from down upwards. Joseph Campbell quotes a Tibetan Buddhist text (in The Mythic Image) that tells the meditator to fantasize about making love to a goddess in order to raise energy.

But I think you're going to like the post I've got brewing on the Tarot. Stay tuned...

Michael said...

I think these are simply my own misperceptions about meditation, fueled by pop culture and odd religious ideas I learned as a kid.

For example, The Precious Garland, from which the Dalai Lama reads, says about women:

"Her mouth is a vessel of impurity,
with putrid saliva and gunk between her teeth;
Her nose is a pot of snot, phlegm and mucous,
and her eyes contain eye-slime and tears.

Her torso is a container of excrement,
holding urine, the lungs, liver and such.
The confused do not see that a woman is such;
thus, they lust after her body."

Which ain't exactly a positive approach to sexual desire and the lower chakras. I suppose it makes sense because Buddhist monks have made vows of abstinence and this kind of thing helps them remain true to their vows, but when I think of how this kind of thing has been used over the centuries against women and gays, it makes me sick.

Looking forward to your next installment!

Eleleth said...

I was curious about this, so I found this quote from the Dalai Lama in The Good Heart:

"From the viewpoint of Tantrayana, particularly the highest Yoga Tantrayana, the energy "drops" or special bliss is the source of energy to dissolve the grosser level of consciousness or the grosser level of energy. Through experience of that special bliss, there is the possibility that the grosser level will eventually dissolve. So the drops are the key factor for the bliss.

"In Tibetan Buddhism, especially if you look at the iconography of the deities with their consorts, you can see a lot of very explicit sexual symbolism which often gives the wrong impression. Actually, in this case the sexual organ is utilized, but the energy movement which is taking place is, in the end, fully controlled. The energy should never be let out. This energy must be controlled and eventually returned to other parts of the body. What is required for a Tantric practitioner is to develop the capacity to utilize one's faculties of bliss and the blissful experiences which are specifically generated due to the flow of regenerative fluids within one's own energy channels. It is crucial to have the ability to protect oneself from the fault of emission. It is not just a purely ordinary sexual act. And here we can see there is a kind of special connection with celibacy. Especially in the practice of the Kalachakra Tantra, this precept of protecting oneself from the emission of energy is considered to be very important. The Kalachakra liturature mentions three types of blissful experience: one is the blissful experience induced by the flow of energy; one is the immutable blissful experience; and one is the mutable blissful experience. To me, when Buddha took the celibacy vow, at that level he did not explain all the reasons behind that rule or that discipline. The complete explanation comes when we know the Tantrayana system...."

And from another source (not the Dalai Lama), we read:

The experience of melting the mind of enlightement is brought about by ordinary afflicted desire, so the practitioner must be able to generate it.

Now, see, supposedly there is a much faster method of the Gay Science that dispenses with all this nonsense. Fulcanelli seems to allude to it, but with too much obfuscation to be useful. The alchemist Paracelsus, however, in somewhat guarded language, states that sodomy produces a homunculus.

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