Jun 8, 2012

High Explosive Dual Purpose

Given the name of this blog is Gosporn, it's been a while since I posted anything worthy of the adult content warning so if pictures of carnal knowledge make you blush, please avert your eyes now.
HEDP, that acronym ... stands for High Explosive Dual Purpose — and those are the types of 40mm grenade rounds this young Marine has strapped across his chest. ~Bill in Exile

We can see 'this young Marine' has a bunch of golden peens strapped in there - little phallic weapons - one shot each, like little bottles of vodka on the airplane, or perhaps, little trident missiles.

This idea of the penis as a 'dual purpose' weapon, it's become pretty interesting. Obviously, the one purpose is to make sperm, those tiny and yet immensely explosive and powerful vehicles of insemination.

But I suspect the weapon has another use, and that is something related to what Alan Moore calls the Blazing World. An orgasm is called "the little death": a split second ego death experience and connection to the Blazing World - AKA Source, All, Id, Divine Miss Fem, etc.

I mean, I wonder if every time I cum, maybe I'm sending an Adam bomb into another dimension? Id Coming!!!

So, imagine all of humanity sending tiny but highly explosive bombshells of ego into the subconscious, all the time. If there is ONE thing we do well, it's have a fucking orgasm. It's a sex bomb.

It's building up in the subconscious, it's been building up for a long time. But it's full to bursting now, its TIME for whatever subconscious "baby" we've made to come forth. It's the birth day.

I still feel that semen is the key, or at least, the transmitter. Imagine semen as being the Mercurial messenger between realms, between we corporeal types and the fourth dimension. A messenger that goes both ways. We send our "messages in a bottle" to the subconscious during orgasm, we receive them back during the same process, the little spermatic carriers of the divine will.

I think that is why gay men are cock suckers. And I think that is why I saw this message yesterday from the Bringer of L... or should I say, the bringer of white. The feedback loop.


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Devin said...

Ok- now some of these pics have made me horny!
I couldn't agree more that it seems like FINALLY for better or worse -whatever it may be -something is trying to come forth in this batshit crazy world!
Like I mentioned b4-I try so hard to stay in a positive (almost 2012ish?-altho I dont directly believe in most of that)mindset and attitude towards the world-some days it works great-but some days I think we -humanity-for whatever reason has decided to destroy this beautiful material world-and i also think the beauty of the material reflects the transcendental beauty of the immaterial in so many ways!!
atb to you and Var!!

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