Jun 5, 2012

42 Minutes in 10

I had the pleasure of being interviewed this Venus Transit morning by Douglas Bolles and Will Morgan at 42 minutes. We finally figured out that we're the ones driving this crazy bus, and we sincerely apologize.


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

A tour bus with over 50 people on board has flipped in Hart County,


Devin said...

Hi again Michael!
Thanks for your previous reply! I hope to get caught up on your blog tonight somewhat - 'weird' interruptions (altho harmless) keep happening and I didnt even get back last night.
My 'question' of the night haha-is that if you or perhaps anyone - Goro too??? would consider a 66 foot 'dock' or somehthing washing up on the coast of Oregon -possibly -or most prob - from last years tsunami --if that would perhaps be 'underworld' contact or something - as it is apparently 66 feet on 6/6???
all the best to you and Var and anyone stopping by here!!!

Michael said...

See? I did that. Fuck. Goddam it, I need to find the brakes on this crazy thing.

Dev: Oh, I think its fantastic. 66 has been going through my syncs this week like a freight train. Thanks for letting me know!

Devin said...

You're so welcome Michael!!
I meant to say also I will listen to this interview of yours very next time online - be that today after doc appt or tomorrow - I think the 66 thing is also fascinating and would really like to know what the eff it means as every time the last 2 days I think I am away from it some new 'data' comes in!:) at the Rig Int forum someone posted how Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac and "Ebony Eyes" fame had passed at -you guessed it 66 years of age!
crazy stuff -but very fun at times and sometimes the only thing that gives me some sort of 'faith' that perhaps WE HUMans WILL transcend our shortsighted craziness and reach for the stars perhaps.
all the best to you and Var my friend!!

Jeremy Huff said...

Hey, I listened, enjoyed and and shared. :) A recent spark while I was swimming with the Trident Kings of the Subconscious, a Modern day Wing headed warrior demigod hero with three pronged weapon "in" each hand..Wolverine. Not fully formed yet ,,the sync between the the Subconscious underwater gods with tridents as below to Wolverine/"3 clawed" Land(earth)spirits as above= conscious subconsciousness fusion, idea still brewing..HA.

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