Jun 27, 2012

When Aliens Attack

The National Geographic is at it again, pimping the alien invasion meme head on. You'd almost think it's the sci-fi channel. Lately we have Five Good Reasons to Believe in UFOs and also a poll:

Two-Thirds of Americans Think Barack Obama Is Better Suited to Handle an Alien Invasion Than Mitt Romney

Now, there is a big difference between aliens and UFOs in my opinion, but NG wants to lump them all together into a tidy package. To me, UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects, while aliens from outer space are identified as "aliens from outer space". It's a subtle difference but an important one. I've had UFO dreams for many years, but I've always considered them to be messengers from "inner space" - my own take on a subconscious message. Much the same as earlier generations had messages from fairies, angels or gods, the vehicle of the message can take any form. Today, it's the UFO.

What I find disturbing is this obvious attempt to manipulate our "dream time", our UFO messages.

I had a curious UFO message on 6/16/12:

I was sitting in a room, a perfectly transparent, shiny ball came down out of the ceiling, about 24" in diameter. I realized it was a "UFO" experience, it felt familiar. The ball floated over to my head, at first I put my hands up to stop it, but then realized I just needed to relax and let it do its thing. My head was enveloped by the ball, and some small lights appeared on the surface for a split second, the SONY logo, and then the head of Karl Urban appeared and began speaking:

"Hi Mike, things are about to get very difficult for you. This new technology they are developing for the Olympic games, to allow close up experience of the action... All will lose their minds".

And it made me wonder. A sudden connection to the Id is a powerful, life-changing experience, open to many interpretations. When I had mine back in 2004 I thought it was literally God. Imagine if everyone on earth had that same experience, at the same time. What would happen?

And what if... the news was suddenly full of an alien invasion. How would you interpret what you had just experienced?

I'll tell you what I'd do - I'd freak out. Imagine the chaos of billions of people on the planet suddenly and forcibly brought into Contact with their own subconscious.

We are all looking forward to the London/New Troy/Zion Olympic games with a mixture of fascination and dread, and I see that Prospero is allegedly holding court in Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony. Prospero, Shakespeare's magician from The Tempest, has inspired many a sci-fi take off, none more eloquent than Forbidden Planet, where the natives tap into a massive power source but are undone in a single day by their own monsters from the Id.


NOTE: 616 is the now fashionable area code for the Beast, and I note that this post is no. 666 in my personal gosporn journal.


Atlantean Times said...


thats probably where they will nuke..

take csre m8..

Devin said...

Another awesome blog Michael -and yet another 'out of left field' thing (wtf is it with me and these 2day??!!)
There is a famous quatrain by Nostradamus (yes I know, I know haha) that mentions 'when the dead come out of their graves' something purely horrific -I quit studying Nostro back in the 90s for the most part as I thought he was just too obscure-but this one quatrain has always stuck with me and when I read your post about billions coming into contact with the Id at one time somehthing 'clicked' oh fuck - I think he has another quatrain with 'during the games of slaughter' in it.
Definitely you have already given me a lot to think about 2day my friend!!
atb and much much more to you and Var!!

Devin said...

wanted to mention that you posted this at 9:19 pm -an 'inversion' or 'upside down' '616' to your 666th post!!
I would say 'cool' but it is kind of eerie too -I also agree that this alien meme invading/killing coming from msm etc is just bizarre - wouldnt real aliens from thousands of lys away have better things to do than annihilate us -well unless of course they 'are us' or 'like us' sheeesh - heavy stuff my friend!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for reading and commenting. "During the games..." yikes! Yea, this whole alien invasion thing is creepy when it comes from NG, which is not supposed to be all Hollywood but actually is? They had a giant alien in the closing ceremony of the Los Angeles games, according to a Secret Sun post back during the 2008 Olympics.

Devin said...

OMG Michael !!
Haha forgot all about the 1984 LA Olympics ending ceremony with the 'alien' coming down--i believe you tube will have plenty of vids of it!!
Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog and the one you co-author with and Alans-you all have given me so much to think about!!
Like I say- I 'swing':-) from utter dispair to about halfway hopeful about 5 times a day anymore -haha I dont know if this is what T McKenna referred to as 'novelty going towards infinity'but it sure is weird!:-)
atb to you and Var and thanks again for the amazing work!!

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