Jun 12, 2012

Red Eye Roger

By Your Command


Devin said...

Hi Michael!
Some great images in this post!:-)
I hope you and Var are doing great (almost said 'this summer' -sheesh-incredible to me that it isn't even summer yet).
atb, devin

Jeremy Huff said...

I must admit,,being a super hero comic book fan, seeing Beast with that big red dick is funny,,I have made this joke before along with other super hero dick jokes,,like the Thing, Plastic man /Mr Fantastic. I have a post almost ready to go, after I get done with the Fantastic Four post run Im into,,Im going into the 5 original Xmen, Cyclops fits the red eye bill,,his "Red Ray" resonates Mars,,,every super power symbolizes a psychological / spiritual ability of every man,,,the optic blast power symbolizes a pretty interesting aspect...Ill save the good part for the post. HA!

Michael said...

Devin has been using a "red eye" as his icon for a while now. I watched 2010 last night, I saw the eye of Jupiter has yet another masculine creative force - impregnating Europa. Hal's a big dick, the Leonov is "mother Russia", The two ships copulate on screen - space porn!

Jeremy Huff said...

Just saw this article,,thought of this post.http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21925-oldest-confirmed-cave-art-is-a-single-red-dot.html
"As cave art goes, it doesn't look like much: a single red dot, hidden among a scatter of handprints and drawings of animals on the wall of El Castillo cave in northern Spain.

But this red dot is at least 40,800 years old, making it the oldest known piece of cave art in Europe. At that time modern humans had only just migrated out of Africa, raising a tantalising possibility: that the dot was drawn by a Neanderthal. If that's the case, our extinct cousins may have had the rudiments of written language."

Michael said...

Thanks Jeremy. I've often been called a Neanderthal, mostly because of certain eating habits.

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