Jun 14, 2012

Torch Goes Out - UPDATE

Sad news today: Porn star Erik Rhodes had died. Via his twitter account:
Erik Rhodes has left us this morning at 5.30am his family and boyfriend Riccardo are in deep pain, please respect this sad moment

My heart goes out to his loved ones. He was only 30 years old, in an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios, and if anyone lived up to his stage name, it was Erik, truly a giant of a muscle man. He was from Long Island, NY.

The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek Titan Helios, erected in the city of Rhodes on the Greek island of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos between 292 and 280 BC. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was constructed to celebrate Rhodes' victory over the ruler of Cyprus, Antigonus I Monophthalmus, whose son unsuccessfully besieged Rhodes in 305 BC. ~wiki
The giant stood 33m tall, lifted a torch in the air, and was crowned with the rays of the sun. Seems a bit familiar...
To you, o Sun, the people of Dorian Rhodes set up this bronze statue reaching to Olympus, when they had pacified the waves of war and crowned their city with the spoils taken from the enemy. Not only over the seas but also on land did they kindle the lovely torch of freedom and independence. For to the descendants of Herakles belongs dominion over sea and land.
UPDATE 6/21/12: Eric Rhodes obituary in the NYT.
“The gay porn audience often looks to a hulking macho fantasy, and he provided that,” said Michael Musto, the Village Voice gossip columnist who was friendly with Mr. Rhodes. “He was Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the ‘Avengers’ cast wrapped in a gay package. And the fashion connection and the fact that he had a brain elevated him from your everyday escort-slash-porn-god and gave him texture.”


Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...

DudeMan... lissen. Do you reeeeelly know what the Bible sez about homosexuality? You WEREN'T born that way; you learned from the deviants who wanna lead you to the Abyss-O-Misery. How do I know this? Simple. The whorizontal world is OUR downfall. My suggestion? Get a chest like mine, you ain't gonna live forever, and stop #@!! men. The Liar lies like a rug and you all have only 85ish years to git it right with Jesus. Thank God for the Warning. Meet me Upstairs, dude. god bless you.

Michael said...
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Devin said...

Very sad indeed. I never even heard of this man (quite a looker!) but when I read the quote from him about being prepared to be used in porn and basically have a miserable time relationship wise etc, etc- I felt my eyes tearing up-such a tragic loss at such a young age.
RIP Erik -I hope your soul is at peace now!
atb as always to you Michael!!

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