Jun 3, 2012

Spell Check

Language is originally art, THE art of Magik... to SPELL. ~comment by Jeremy H. from Magik of the Monkey King

I've been thinking (again) about words and language as a form of magic spell and I always go back to the crazy fact that the Millenium Hilton Hotel (standing in for the Monolith/Monomyth) misspells Millennium. 911 is variously called a mega ritual or stargate, perhaps intended to inaugurate the Aeon Of Horus (Millennium Falcon) and yet, "they" didn't get the fucking spell right.

On June 1, I get this "Corrected Previous Message - Spell Checked" from The Watchman Report and I sort of thought that was hilarious, especially because he misspells "mispelled"!

Going back to the Trident for sale, best offer business, I see that the distressed owner (the former Captain Nemo) misspelled "Masariti". It's like - maybe he was fired for bad spelling?

I don't want to be too nuts here but you see how he draws the TT in "Quattroportte" twice, and while the first double T is correct, the second is not. The proper spelling is Quattroporte, and we see that the trident goes directly through the incorrect part. The demonic spell checker.

Whenever we talk about spells and spelling I can't help but think of Tori Spelling (Alan Green and I have been geeking on this for a while), because:
A torii (鳥居・鳥栖・鶏栖?, lit. bird perch, /ˈtɔəri.iː/) is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred. ~wiki
I had lunch at Taco del Mar today, and I noticed the water cup they gave me has Carlos the fish, who can't spell at all.

I have no idea what any of the above means.

Update: 2012 Spelling champ: "Snigdha Nandipati is the fifth Indian-American in a row to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The 14-year old spelled 'guetapens,' which means ambush or trap."

It's a trap.


Jeremy Huff said...

Hey I know that guy in the top quote! :)Humble thanks. Im digging our similar brain waves brother. We live in a world made by magik,,that is the world of man created by our language,,from religion to the laws books,,all words that provoke emotions and actions. Language programs ghost into the system of thought, ideas that create the box some feel comfortable in their disillusioned control, others feel trapped..but like all human concepts the joke is,,its all illusions,,ideas to behold. Separation is the first illusion that creates all others. And the magik word that planst the seed of the illusion of separation? The Name your parents gave you...that alone comes with personality traits,,I need to look up a couple of site on Nameology or something like that,,years back I looked into my name and was shocked at the personality traits that I exhibit listed below the name Jeremy,,Im a text book Scorpio too,,,but this is the magnetic energy pool we know as collective consciousness,,words program "themes" but the "Invisible Knower" as I call it,,IAM that knows no ego, is always fully present and untouchable. The art of meditation brings this state of being to the forefront of awareness then the subconscious /conscious seem as the one field they truly are,,THE REAL YOU, all NOW ALL WAYS>..ooops went off a bit there. :) Stimulated my mind.

Jeremy Huff said...

oh and that Fish on the cup reminds me of a Mexican Charlie Tuna, HAHAH!

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Make an Offering, Captain . . .

Michael said...

Ahhh. I think things are getting a bit clearer. Captain Nemo is the egoic "captain" of the subconscious, aka Batman, which means he's simply good at translating Carlos fish talk (subconscious symbolism) into words that conscious ego can understand (the bat signal over Gotham).

A misspelling would be an error in translation from submarine consciousness to ego consciousness. Hermes is the messenger, and while we might say "don't kill the messenger", it all depends who that messenger is. This brings us right back to media as the eye that must be blinded in order to see the nobody.

Michael said...

El: I've already done that. I made the mistake of taking "Bring me that ass" literally.

JB said...

Hi Michael, I haven't been able to post for a while due to a technical problem (still can't post on The Wrong Way Wizard for some reason), but I want you to know that I've been reading every single one of your posts.

Maybe this is why God isn't answering our prayers: technical problems, no "publish your comment" button to click on. ;)

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Why God isn't answering our prayers: It's Alan Rickman's answering machine

It was supposed to be Debbie Harry on the other end of the telephone, but she got lost in Videodrome somewhere. Now she's the one calling.

Michael said...

Hi JB, thanks for coming by. Yes, the "glitch".

Eleleth - I figured it was because this bitch won't get off the phone: http://youtu.be/r7ANs3AmTO0 All I get is a busy signal.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

crazy, I just typed this last night. http://twitpic.com/9sv7oj/full

PS: Why can't Carlos spell? Is he the post-collapse Babel Fish?

Devin said...

Scorpios are usually quite sexy!!
great post as always Michael and I agree with Jeremy -perhaps others-maybe a lot of us anymore- that the world is somehow 'made' of Magick!!??
I have been seeing this 'thought' so much in the ether or whatever one would call it of the internets - A man who does a blog called the Archdruid Report (would recommend highly to anyone!!) had a great blog post with this very idea - or at least the way I read it -Bruce Duensing at Intagible Materiality and Transits and Stations blogs also has blogs along these lines.
Our world - so seemingly solid and so fucking unyielding and cruel at the same time appears to be composed of various shades of smoke! (perhaps some mirrors in there too!)
atb my friend and be back today or tomorrow hopefully!!
again thanks for keeping your wonderful blog going!!

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