Jun 1, 2012

Trident Test Drive

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. ~John 14:2

In my father's hotel there are many suites ~Paris Hilton
At the end of Black Dossier, book number three in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen saga, Alan Moore gives us a glimpse into The Blazing World:

"You know, I'm sure I used to DREAM about this place when I was a little girl."

"I know what you mean. I think I caught a glimpse of the Blazing World in a VISION once, during my opium years."
Moore cleverly uses the trope of printing this part of the two dimensional book in "3D", and requiring the characters to wear 3D glasses, as a metaphor for entering 4D space from our 3D world. Much like Victor Fleming used the change from sepia toned B&W to Technicolor when Dorothy enters Oz.

The Blazing World is the 4th dimension, and that extra dimension is time. We experience time like a two dimensional creature would experience the third dimension, that is, in a very limited way. Our five senses don't include a time sense that would allow us to experience time as naturally and as simply as we experience 3D space, but... I think we're growing that organ.

The other aspect of the Blazing World that is equally fascinating is that it holds all the archetypes from all the stories. It's the monomyth, our collective subconscious, the Id, Oz, Hades, Heaven, Hell, the Book of Life, The Never Ending Story, the Worst Movie Ever Made, the place with a thousand names. We've been calling Kubrick's Black Monolith the monomyth, which happens to resemble a black book, or a black hotel:

I've already booked a room.

Alan Moore (who is probably the reincarnation of Merlin Ambrosius) ends League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 1910 with a fascinating vignette, going all the way back to the dawn of human consciousness. In 'Bio of Thebes, Abyssinia, 1236 B.C: Love amongst the Troglodytes', he posits that the apes from 2001: A Space Odyssey bathed in a pool "filled with a blueness that was neither fire nor water", which made them immortal. (Sasquatch, anyone?)

I'm reading between the lines here, but I suspect that when the monomyth hits the ground, it makes a crater in 3D reality, which eventually fills with water. This water is infused with monomythic, 4D stuff, which imparts it's "essence" to anyone who bathes in it, which to us - the 3D entrapped - appears to be eternal life. This is the legend of the Fountain of Youth.

Bio also bathed in the 4D pool, he/she has lived on down through the ages. He changed his name to Roland in the Middle Ages, and after that he became Orlando. Orlando is in Florida, the very place where Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth. And of course, Orlando also hosts the Magic Kingdom. Orlando Bloom (Florida means "flowery land") played an immortal elf, and Tony Orlando, he wrote a horrible song that inspired a zillion yellow ribbons.
Since Alan Moore is obsessed with trident symbolism, I began to think of the trident as a force from the fourth dimension, since it has three prongs, one for each of our three dimensions - a dimension that is trying to break through. I figure if the Trident is 4 sale, why not give it a test drive?

I've also been thinking about tattoo's lately, and the Levitical prohibition against it, along with eating shellfish and laying with men, and I figure since I'm already doing all of the above except the tattoo, what the hell. Must be some powerful shit. So I got out my black magic marker and drew a clumsy trident tattoo on my arm, that was on Wednesday. Also, Marky Mark got the mark of the trident in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes.

"Why the arm?" you ask. Because the first man on the moon, the first man through door 237, was Neil Armstrong. He's Horus, the Moonchild. "The Eagle has landed". I wait all next day for some cool sign from the 4th dimension, but no such luck, until...

In the Black Dossier (which is yet another metaphor for the black monomyth) Mina drops something:

"Oh, that's a nuisance. Something's tucked inside have fallen out."

"Never mind. Probably nothing important."
Until I started to write about it and I picked up the Black Dossier to scan it, and this folded up piece of paper falls out. (paper folding, origami, is another metaphor for 4D space)

It's a receipt from an artist's supply store in Seattle from 6/29/11. By a certain Tim Schacht, who lives in Ohio. FYI, it's the Ohio class submarine that carries the trident ballistic missiles.

Next day, we see that Facebook has been taken down by Anonymous, who is resonating Odysseus, or Nobody, Nemo. I wrote this on May 25:
Polyphemus could mean a very famous person, or more likely, something that enables the concept of celebrity. Like the media, Hollywood, Youtube, or Facebook. Odysseus defeats Polyphemus by blinding him in his eye.


Jeremy Huff said...

Primo post ! In a recent red ice interview with Cliff High, High talks about some new studies into time,,and says humans have no sensory perception of "real time",,Time he claims is being realized as a type of radiation,,and with the proper radiation shielding ,,we can travel trough real time time. Time perception is a HUGE interest of mine,,I have another Blog called Reality Perception where I go into time as the fictional measuring system that hypnotizes the mind into a past/present/future illusion,,where time as we KNOW it is always happening NOW. Reality is beyond human concepts,,but can be experienced fully. The Trident as a plasma symbol is really opening things up for me,,Im really into the Electric Universe research right now,, especially the comparative mythology done by David Talbot. I have been into 4D topic heavily since the late 90's,,to me the concept of the 4D reality is another metaphor for conscious/subconscious interface.

Devin said...

I've gotta come back and read this closer -the whole Trident thing has fascinated me for over a year now!!
Quickly b4 I forget I wanted to say another 'out of the blue' thought happened a few weeks ago where I wondered if the importance of the Taxi cab is because of its 'closeness' to the idea of the Ferryman across Styx??
I guess i had this thought because Taxis do seem to come up more often than chance (well dont really know how the frick i would 'know' this) in cases of deep politics and Forteana - even John Hinckley jr seems to have caught the vibe:-)
the only thing I can think of is some deep connection in the psyche to the idea of 'paying' someone to get to a destination -and that rings a bell with paying someone to get to the 'Ultimate' destination!!
I guess I remembered this idea because I just now set aside some tip money for the taxi driver that will take me to the docs office!
atb to you and Var my friend!!

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