Jun 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you - and you shall return every man unto his own clan, you shall return every man to his family. ~Leviticus 25:10
The land must not be sold permanently, for the land belongs to me. You are only foreigners, my tenant farmers. ~Leviticus 25:23
As the world celebrates the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Liz II, and while Europe drowns in a sea of debt, I'm reminded of the true meaning of the Levitical Jubilee, which was a 50 year cycle when all debts were forgiven, slaves set free, property returned, etc. I doubt if we will see much of THAT from the elite, but they do throw a nice party every now and then to keep our minds off our troubles.

However, I sort of suspect/hope/dare to hope - that there is another "jubilee" brewing. Which is the release of the inmates from the 3D prison - the pyramid/diamond-shaped time matrix within which we are all bound. Don't be late to the party. I'll see you there?


Devin said...

Hi Michael!
Deep in thought today (well as deep as an 'airheads':-) thoughts could be!) after reading Goro's latest article.
But I wanted to drop by and say 'hi' and will come back to see your new blogs posted.
The 'funny' thing about the 21st century so far to me (and this stands above all else for me as far as I have experienced it) is the total lack of ALL hope at times-almost to the point of wanting to die in order to not be around later for some huge clusterfuck of the future -which can then spring at times in me to a complete turnaround towards TOTAL conviction in some sort of future-and peace within my soul.
I can't believe I didnt think of this aspect of the new century before- literally 'living it' so to speak!
I have several of your blogs saved to faves -but for some reason just typed 'Gosporn' to get here- and a Bloomberg stock futures chart came up!
I do need a new 'mouse' I think anyway-- but talk about all being connected :-)
best to you and Var my friend!

Michael said...

Hi Dev! I know how you feel. Hang in there, we need each other. I like the blooming aspect of your Bloomberg sync!

Devin said...

I wanted to add, Michael an odd thought occurred to me just a short bit ago this morning- as we humans have become more machine like in certain ways - and also more 'assholeish' in others - this has made this 'Queen' QE2 indeed seem more human - no mean feat for someone married to that fuck duke of edinburge prince phil - I can only imagine a 'worser' fate to be married to rick santorum - an idee fixe that makes me want to lose my breakfast!!
atb to you and Var my friend!!

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