Jun 10, 2012

I Want a New Drug

I saw this sad article about the never ending charade called the 'War on Drugs' today, which really means the "war on other drug dealers than US". Looking at the opium production graph, we can see why the Taliban had to be gotten rid of - the spice must flow.

I see Afghanistan as a great plantation of poppies - the South never lost the war, it just went elsewhere and changed crops. On the 21st century plantation, quotas must be kept, and any thieving by the workers is strictly punished.

I've been watching some old Miami Vice episodes, don't ask me why. Sonny, Tubbs and Edward James Olmos are constantly battling some shadowy drug dealer named "the Columbian" who is always one step ahead of them. I think we know who the Columbian really is.

It makes me think about our species, and our long and often difficult relationship with the green side of the planet. Going back to the very beginning of our myths, plant consciousness has always been with us, and really quite central to the story.

As a plant, the best way to ensure success is to make yourself indispensable to the animals around you, for instance, like bees have become dependent on flower pollen, and vice versa. With a primate you offer a euphoric experience that also happens to create an addictive and dependent relationship with the plant. Over time, the plant creates a situation where it is grown in the finest land on the planet, watered with care, defended with guns and bullets, and life is good. At least for the plant.

It is tempting to blame the plant for all this, but it's just doing what plants do. Poppies have, at least temporarily, put themselves at the top of the food chain, in a war that is possibly a war between sentient plant species, with human beings being merely convenient workers for a higher, plant-based consciousness. I'd really rather not be involved.

I remember Jeff Fairhall saying that George "Poppy" Bush was Satan. He was like... the poppies top gardener, did what it takes. Amply rewarded, I might add. His seeds go on to rule the world of vice, just like the poppy seeds.

OK, that may just be the way things are. Plants rule, maybe they created us. They even created our minds, so we can draw trees of life as symbols of higher consciousness.

I think its interesting how Satan is joined to this tree of knowledge, sort of a good yet bad guy. I know we all have our favorite plants of enlightenment in the garden, but maybe the poppy really IS Satan?

"You shall know them by their fruits"
I guess some plants just don't play well with others. Human beings are the Dooms Day Device for all species of plant but one: the poppy. Hope you love them, the elite certainly do. It's mono culture time.

Unless... maybe there's a spoor out there who sees a good opportunity. We worker bees are bit overdone with the poppy masters. I don't care if you're a slime mold, if you can make a better deal than the poppies, I'll find a way to see you, and paint you, as beautiful. Make an offer.

I want a new drug.


Devin said...

One of the main things (out of the ten million or so:-) that have enraged me about this absurd fin de sicle 'war on terra' is the Poppy Fam/O'bomber and their fellow war criminals keeping the drug pipeline open and flowing!!
I also think the gnostic aspects among other interpretations of the 'Tree of Knowledge' 'The Fall' the 'Serpent' are endlessly fascinating -kind of like the 'gay heaven/straight hell' post you have here (from 2007?) kind of a how 'one looks at it from their epistemoligical/ontological viewpoint? would maybe also have put 'hermeneutical' in there- but I don't know if that is an actual word!;-)
atb to you and Var as always!!~

Michael said...

Devin, thanks for all the recent comments! I had a cool AZ sync today, too long to post here, but maybe the Phoenix really is rising? I think that's "hermetic" you are looking for. Signed, sealed, delivered - I'm yours!

Devin said...

Hi Michael!
and thanks for your replies and blogs as always--
that would be awesome if Phoenix did wind up having some really cool synch in blogland -and one from you would make it all the better!!
I know Goro (and maybe quite a few others in the past?) has had Phoenix in his work - but the way I have seen him have it is as a San Francisco (still very cool haha:-) synch relating to that cities flag and the Giants? -I will have to read that post again.
the only way a Phoenix synch would really 'suck' *in the bad way*;-} for me is some cryptocratic usage of 'rising from the ashes' after some horrible event!!
atb to you and Var my friend,
ps hermetic 'as above, so below' stuff has been happening a lot wrt things I have been reading from books and on the net.

JulienFromDijon said...

Actually yes, poppies were one of the first plant to be known by mankind. Carvings shows a millenarian cult of grec goddess Ceres with Poppies.

But this drug is potion and poison. It is a mean, ans as a mean it can be used for good or bad purpose. It depends on us.
Nowadays good drugs (the one that heals, or palliate suffering) are still made from true poppies.

Scientists have learn how to put apart the good molecules from the bad ones in the poppies.
And the addiction linked to the good molecule (morphin) is almost controlled, because new forms have been invented so that the drug is release slowly in the body when ingested, so that the brain don't get hooked on morphin.

Opium is not the reason why occidental countries stay in Afghanistan. We just been involved in that place since decades, and since the situation has not much improved, we don't feel free to leave the place, and let all the efforts collapse.
Afghanistan has no weapon of mass destruction, but for sure it has true talibans groups :/

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