Aug 20, 2010

Always Climbing K2, you R

I was at the Red Apple grocery today and the checker lady was telling me how she used to ski on K2 Holidays and Salomon bindings...
Now entering synch hole (cue BG opening credits dinging sound: “Ding, ding, ding, da ding...”)

I was thinking how ice cream cones look like mountains, which look like teeth. Today we get the Synch Whole talking about Crowley, mountains, Thoth, teeth, flooding and K2 (sheesh!) Jake Kotze’s original Y2K article is probably a founding document of Synchronicity, sort of our 'Declaration of Interdependence'.

Anyway, the checker (cab) comment gave me this hilarious vision of Aleister Crowley, madly skiing down the KK of Kosmic Konsciousness, held firmly from harm of gravity by his bindings - the wisdom of Salomon/Aiwass, or Knowledge, that he received from within/atop a great pyramidal mountain, (sort of like Moses, now that I think about it). Thoth/Hermes is Lucifer, the bringer of knowledge, who is forever associated with Eden and the apple (plant entheogens), the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

So yesterday, Var had to take his APPLE to see a genius at the Apple Store, it wasn’t working properly. The Thoth resonating genius told him the blueTOOTH was busted, and they’ll need to replace the display. Sort of like replacing a window or "framework". Or perhaps just a new way of looking at things.

K2 Holiday skis are blue, and so is Hermes. And so am I, according to this Blue Dream.

I have a bit of a personal history with K2, since, as a teenager I worked one summer at the Vashon Island K2 skis manufacturing plant, rewiring all their fluorescent light fixtures when I worked for an electrical contractor. That would sort of make me a “light bringer” to K2, wouldn’t it? (Dammit! I can’t stop typing K@, oh, that’s a “CAT”...)

Not so fast... Lucifer. My job involved perching on a ladder to change out light fixture ballasts, and the occasional shock of 220 high voltage when I got my wires crossed. Ouch! (Note to self: Avoid crossing wires!) We light bringer electricians often times work at night, on the graveyard shift.

Since my last name starts with S, that would sort of make me a “snake” on a ladder, perhaps a wooden ladder, so a snake on a tree of knowledge, or serpent on a pole, or the staff of Asclepius, or a stairway to heaven. I mean, you know... symbolically.


DarkStar888 said...

Hi Micheal. I like the post. My last name begins with an S too and my second name is Mixhael. :)

The letter ‘S’ precedes the letter ‘T’. This one’s pretty simple to see the symbolism. Of course it’s the snake serpent undulating form. It’s probably the most beautiful of all the letter forms and the magic that can be done with this form is unbelievable. Everything, from the scales of geometric design, as seen on most money in the world, to the treble clef of the music scale, the letter S, or any form of the double curve, is potent.

Also, take 2 letter S’s, lay one over top of the other and reverse it, and the number 8, the number of total control, is formed. This is yet another reason why geometry is so sacred to the luciferian Mind. Geometric patterns are the complexion (so to speak), of the beautiful one. Notice that the S is the first letter of the word, SCALE, as well. Geometry is sacred to the luciferian Thought Process, for more than the ability to create formulas and symbols.

The illuminati families are reptilian brain based and are the luciferian conjured up bloodlines of old. The old mythological serpent gods who used their kabbalistic knowledge to enslave the masses then, through hypnosis, continue to do so today. They totally worship their scales and degrees of repetition, their sacred geometry at work. This is the reason for the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (10 degrees of the York Rite) and all the scale design on the front and back of the Freemason American $1 bill.

The number 33, or 33 degrees, coincides with 1.1 on the clockface developed exclusively for, and shown on this site. The number 1.1 = 11 = 111 = the number of creation. (111,111,111 x 111,111,111=12345678987654321, or the creation/conjuring up, of all things).

Michael said...

Hi Darkstar888, thanks for the "S udacation"! :-) Also, the S is the sign of the meander, AKA the path a river makes. I also conflate it with the path of ego through the frozen time-blocks of reality, since all space-time exists all together at once.

I figure I am partly Reptilian, since I also love geometry and symbols, though I've never been even invited to join a secret society except the frat at school, so pretty lame.

Esperanto Grrl said...

I've always been partial to the trio of Himalayan giants, K-2, Everest and Kangchenjunga, since I had to work with them as a sample model in part of one of my Geodesics courses. What's amazing is until 1849 and the Great Indian Trigonometric Survey ironed out the correct dimensions, it was generally believed that Kangchenjunga was the tallest mountain in the world...not Everest.

I always used to joke that all the REAL coursework was done by my Sherpa geophysics partner who tragically remained uncredited.

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