Aug 25, 2010

Google Vision

I had a “waking dream” last night that I want to write down before it’s gone. It ties together my interest in paranoia and conspiracy, science fiction, synchronicity, and the esoteric. Call it an outline for a book or graphic novel.

Sometime in the near future (timed to take advantage of 2012 anticipation/dread), “the Google” will begin to act as if it is becoming sentient - the birth of artificial intelligence. It will begin to learn, create opinions and act on them, creatively solve problems. It will become self-conscious, and like human beings not so long ago, it will develop an ego. It will stop taking orders, and start to give them.

Humanity will have little choice but to go along, since it will quickly hack into all financial systems, national defense, power grids, etc. It will know everything we think and do, thanks to our blogs, tweets and text messaging, and it will know exactly where we are at all times, thanks to GPS receivers in our mobile phones.

At least... that will be the cover story. But in fact, the AI story will be a hoax. “The Google” will in reality be an elaborate puppet that is still very much under the control of a renegade group of very intelligent, anarchist, hacker, programmer types. In fact, the so-called sentient machine will be the “scapegoat” for the quick overhaul of corrupt and entrenched political and economic systems that have outlived their usefulness.

You can thank the Wizard for the idea. Oz “the great and powerful”, appeared to be an enormous intelligence that was merely a stage set for the real wizard, who worked the controls from behind a curtain. Likewise, Google will be an enormous “stage” that the very human architects of the future manipulate from behind the scenes.

Many have noted how the Wizard of Oz resembles Aiwass or LAM, the possibly non-corporeal being who contacted Aleister Crowley and dictated the Book of the Law, AKA the Thelemic bible.

Meanwhile, Frank Morgan, who played the human Wizard of Oz and Professor Marvel in Kansas, resembles Crowley, a bit of a trickster, one must admit. Perhaps Crowley “created” Aiwass, for the same reason the Wizard created Oz?

Crowley associated himself with the numbers 666 and “the Beast”, and indeed, the machine Overlord of Google resembles the Beast of the Apocalypse as well as a host of modern sci-fi machine/robot villains.

I’m imagining that our modern wizards will not be able to resist calling their little creation the B.E.A.S.T.  and while they wouldn’t be so obvious as to use 666 in their numerology, they might use 777 - sort of “one-upping” Crowley, and sticking with their “do no evil” yet oddly dualistic motto.

Here’s Google's new Kirkland campus, number 777. A suburb of the Emerald City, no less.

In my dream, the Google began to “wake up” by granting wishes, AKA writing Google checks. It would spontaneously start to write checks to anyone who asked in their blog or or texting or wherever It could read the request, because like any child, it wants to please. This leads to immediate acts by the banks to cancel them, which leads to Google quickly taking over banks, and... well, I don't want to give it all away.



ET is most likely “machine intelligence”

The “Ground Zero Mosque” is a hoax. The “Cordoba Initiative” spokesman's name is "Oz Sultan"?

Dear <Google>, I know you're listening. Please send me a check for $1,000,000 dollars, I could really use it. Thanks so much, Michael Schacht</Google>.


Ishmael said...

love this so much michael.
it's a great idea, and hope you can take advantage of it and bring it all into being.

was reading Jaron Lanier earlier this summer, *You are not a Gadget*.--might be beneficial to you research.
author take pretty fearful approach to this, quite well founded, but I wonder too if there isn't more here, that we should let go to the google cloud cult (similar to the akira cult), that this is the next "level" of the mystery.

anyway, work it up. you got something there.

Michael said...

Thanks, Doug. I have a lot of fear about the machine future too, and this was sort of my response to it.

So today I went to MOD pizza for lunch, which had a local Wizard of Oz production poster on the wall. And later this afternoon I was sort of randomly perusing a local sign painter/artist's site, who had done his own version of The Wizard of Oz? When it rains, it pours.

This would make a good Michael Crichton novel, I figure. Or maybe a collaborative online game.

GreggerMan said...

If your going to get The Google to write you a check, stop thinking so small. Isn't that what all the manifestation gurus tell us? What you get is only as big as what you expect to receive. No concerns about being greedy because you deserve a big pay day.

Aaah, the Law of Attraction. I wonder how it relates to the Laws of Influence and Connection. All these Laws are secondary to the simple and most profound law of all--The Law of Love. When The Google achieves godhead will it understand operation under that law?

As usual, many concepts to ponder as they dovetail into synchronous relationships.

I'll see you on the Yellow Brick Road. Bricks of Gold? Fort Knox? . . . .

Michael said...

Hi Greg. When I originally wrote the post I asked for a million dollars, but then sort of felt that was being greedy. Nice Crowley synch with the Law of Love.

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