Aug 16, 2010

Super Cat

This story makes me go “hmmmm”, considering the “giant/Nephilim/crossbreed/alien genetic experimenting” meme.

At 900 lbs., Sinbad the “Ligar” is almost double the weight of his parents, a lion and tigress. Truly a Supercat.

 Oddly enough, today I am cruising Craigslist “boats for sale” (really!) and I see an ad for a 1983 Supercat 17. I swear to VALIS.

Camili Cat, Patrick Fillion's idea of a supercat:


Melissa Green said...

Today is August 17th after all...


GreggerMan said...

Unfortunately, from what I understand, these giant hybrids are sterile. So you won't be able to have one as a house cat. But imagine what killing machines these ligars would be if they ever got wild and were capable of breeding unchecked. Nice kitty kitty.

Esperanto Grrl said...

"Ligers are totally my favorite animal, bred for their skills with magic."

Even though they're the biggest cats in the animal kingdom, honestly, I can't take these things seriously since Napoleon Dynamite.

Ligers are that big because of a phenomena of genomic imprinting, where alleles are only received from a single parent, the father, which encourages growth. Together with the hormones in a tigress womb, it cooks up the liger size we know. Tigons, the reverse, are actually dwarfs...or at best not especially large.

Esperanto Grrl said...

By the way, female ligers can be fertile, just like mule females can be fertile, though most are not.

A ligress plus a lion offspring is called a li-liger and a ligress plus a tiger is a ti-liger.

Michael said...

Ha! This reminds me of all the "poodle" half breed dogs out there now, schoodle, labradoodle, golden noodle, etc.

Everyone wants a hybrid poodle 'cause they're so smart, but not the actual thing. crazy. Not ever seen ND, I suppose I should.

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