Aug 30, 2010

Tracking the Beast

When I posted this pick of Aleister Crowley last week, he was all dressed up in Pharaoh drag and a leopard skin pelt, synching with the 'Beast' and the 'Supercat' theme. Also last week were the Little America’s Cup CATamaran races in New York, with the boats featuring fabulous names like Canaan, Orion, Invictus and Aethon.

A few days ago I was reviewing the pics from my Google campus reconnaissance mission and I had discarded this one previously because there was a big SUV in the way, until I realized that it was an Acura (Masonic compass resonating) with a license plate that features three sixes and the mascot for Washington State University (Wazzoo) - a cougar/mountain lion - The Beast! It’s like the Beastmobile was parked at Google that day. Also recall that the campus is addressed 777, reminding me of...

Big cats prowl all over ancient religious iconography, including the Pharaohs, the Jews (King David, the Lion of Judah), and Dionysus.

Speaking of Big D, my gay blogs have been really pitching in this week, with Gods Amongst Men (ha!) writing a post titled Photoshop Beast that features my own personal Dionysus stand in, bodybuilder Armon Adibi, as a hairy, sexy beast. He even name drops a cat:
“...Tom Katt looked much like this during his very ripped furry stage.”
And then this adorable pic of a black cat being rescued by a sexy firefighter from Buffmuscles.

Being in August/Leo, I suppose all the cat synchs make perfect astrological sense. Putting my Jungian hat on, I’ll suppose that both the Beast and the Whore of Babylon are primitive and powerful archetypes of fertility/creation - symbols of a primal sexuality that go much deeper than romantic love. These are the ego destroying archetypes, and that is why they are so feared by we who live in the ego controlled world. If the Beast is released, it might just cause the end of the world as we know it.

Often times, I feel a bit like the cowardly lion, caged by my own fearful ego. What will it take I wonder, to release the Beast?



Beastmobile file was named DSC00440.JPG by my camera.

The Buffmuscles fireman pic file name is 1h044.jpg

Obama is the 44th President, and is also a Leo.

First class stamps are 44 cents.


Dean Grey said...

Armon is sexy indeed!


Michael said...

Hi Dean, thanks for stopping by. Yea, ain't he the cat's meow? Stopped by your blog, and I love the "art mail" idea. You are truly Eros, sending Valentine/arrows.

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