Aug 28, 2010

Ballooning With Wizards

My book (or reality show) about Google becoming a sort of modern Oz - a global Artificial Intelligence puppet run from behind the scenes by a cabal of wiz-kid programmers has sort of veered off into woowoo land this week. See the previous post - Google Vision - where I use Aleister Crowley and his “non-corporeal” Aiwass as a sort of template for the Wizard of Oz that I extrapolate into a modern AI version, which would be called “The Beast”.

The day I posted that, Christopher at The Secret Sun posts this screen grab from ‘The Daily Beast’, which features the now infamous “Ground Zero Mosque” story and compares it to last year’s Balloon Boy story.

A few days ago Var and I are grabbing lunch at MOD Pizza, where they were displaying the usual local theater posters and I saw this pair on the wall together:

Synching theater/illusion, Oz and the Twin Towers together quite nicely. The 911 temple destruction ritual was very much an Oz-like, global theater kind of event, where we were hypnotized by the spectacle and meanwhile all kinds of crazy shit goes down behind the curtain!

Anyway, the 'ground zero mosque' (Cordoba Initiative) spokesman is named ‘Oz Sultan’ - and the whole story has a hoaxy, illusional, magician kind of vibe, since the Cordoba Initiative has no real financial backing, whatsoever. But it sure got the media all churned up, and New Yorkers were suddenly cast as the Jews who can’t stand to see a mosque sharing holy ground with the Temple Mount.

That site in Old Jerusalem is called the Dome of the Rock, and of course, the Third Temple (World Trade Center) was also built on a rock - Manhattan - New Jerusalem. Hey all you New Yorkers, you’re living on the Masonic St. Peters - the Holy of Holies! See the post Pilgrim’s Progress about my own trip to NYC and the stop at the Emerald City (art deco) resonating throne room of Oz: the palm-lined Winter Garden of the WFC.

So the “balloon boy” reference is justified, because the Wizard arrives and departs by balloon - hot air. 

The Hindenburg Omen

But this is where it gets weird, because gay author and bon vivant Tom Bacchus was writing today about gay porn stars who also moonlight as mainstream models in his post Brand Randy, and he shares this Yahoo pic depicting Wall St. traders, and the fellow on the right also appears in ‘Huge Bare Dicks 8’.

Meanwhile, the fellow on the left gives the classic "speak no evil", secret society sign. How perfect that it's the gay one who's on the phone. Secret... what secret?

And just what IS a ‘Hindenburg Omen’?
Another down day on Wall Street Thursday sent the Dow below 10,000 for the first time since early July. Fear in the market is being expressed by the continued rally in Treasuries and widespread chatter about an ominous sounding technical indicator: The Hindenburg Omen.

The Hindenburg Omen has a roughly 25% accuracy rate in predicting big market upheaval since 1987, meaning it's far from infallible but isn't inconsequential either. The indicator's creator, mathematician Jim Miekka, compares the Hindenburg Omen to a funnel cloud that precedes a tornado in a recent interview with The WSJ. "It doesn't mean [the market's] going to crash, but it's a high probability," he said.
Ah... a tornado, like what carried Dorothy to Oz. We all know that there are two ways to get to Oz: balloon or twister. Choose your ride, I'll see you there. Happy Landings.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, this is crazy--but maybe you're on to something., now what? I'm putting my money on the Wicked Witch.

Alan Abbadessa said...

Did you happen to read my comment on that Secret Sun post? I'll copy/paste it here:

Chris & Michael,
I was sitting in a hair salon yesterday as Melissa got her hair done for the wedding. There was an old copy of Vogue that caught my eye with Lady Gaga and Oprah on the cover. The story was about the Costume Institute Gala Ball and what struck me was the giant (OZ-resonant) Hot Air Balloon at the entrance and this tidbit:
"The design for the 2010 Costume Institute Gala Benefit is created by Nathan Crowley with Raul Avila."


Costume Ball:

Hot Air Balloon photo:

The rest of the magazine was devoted to telling women that the "Fall season will be dominated by fashion based on three colors" I'll give you a hint as to what those colors are. The article was called "What's Black and White and Red all over?"

Michael said...

Whoa Alan, that's fascinating. These balloon/Oz references certainly appear to be coming around again. It's funny how the symbols are cyclical and seasonal in nature. All the best for the wedding BTW.

Riverwolf, thanks for stopping by. I often times don't have a clue what this shit means, if it means anything at all. That's what makes it fun. :-)

Alan Abbadessa said...

Funny you should say that. Much of my night last night was spent developing an understanding, through repeated symbols and phrases popping into my path, just how cyclical everything is. As long as we are traveling, we are going ROUND Trip.

PS: You might dig this...
Drudge headline today: 'Plymouth Rock' mission would send humans to asteroid

Alan Abbadessa said...

And thank you for the well wishes. It's an outdoor wedding this Thorsday. Perhaps I should apologize to the thunder god before then, I think I pissed him off in St Louis. :)

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