Aug 12, 2010

I Scream Truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Remember the ice cream truck synch from Aug 1: What Child is This?

I subsequently discover the Cazwell vid 'Ice Cream Truck' making the gay blogging rounds this summer:

And I know I’m way behind in pop culture, but I finally watched my first Katy Perry video *holding nose* Which features lots of ice cream imagery along with the ‘California Gurls’.

Being duly sensitized to the Magdalene, MM, Harlot of Babylon meme, I note that Katy is wearing a wig reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, though apparently gentlemen now prefer blue, at least on planet Hollywood and Pandora. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was produced by HH and Horus resonating Howard Hawks.

The California Girls redo synchs the Magdalene with the Beach Boys, and here is a Youtube video that does exactly that: posting iconic MM images while the Beach Boys sing along:

The Beach Boys and especially Brian Wilson have major occult cred, with links to the California drug culture/sci-fi/military/occult complex that included L. Ron Hubbard, Robert Heinlein and even Charles Manson. Now that I synch the Whore of Babylon to the Magdalene, I can’t help but recall the rocket man himself, Jack Parsons, a disciple of Aleister Crowley who in 1946 conducted the Babalon Working:
The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals commenced on March 2, 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist, and occultist Jack Parsons, essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon, as well as to catalyze the emergence of that force in society and as it exists latently in every man and woman.
Holy shit! Marilyn Monroe got her first film contract in 1946. Imagine for a moment that the Babalon Working actually WORKED?! In hindsight, given the nearly constant presentation of Magdalenish images and icons from Hollywood since then, each one more outrageous than the last, it does makes me wonder.

Gay men have been presenting that latent Babalon divine feminine energy for a while now, and even porn stars are now going mainstream. Are gay men the new whores of Babalon?

California Grrrl

That sort of hits me where I used to live. I still feel the shock wave, but it rolls over me now and eventually crashes harmlessly on the shore. Besides, Jesus seemed to have a real soft spot for the old ‘gurl’. Here he is defending her from the self-righteous mob:
So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. --John 8:7
And then there is this intriguing final passage from the Gospel of Thomas:
Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven." --Thomas 114
Or in other words, “I will make the divine feminine male”. It took Him some time, but He did exactly that. Mary is now male, and he’s holding the ice cream cone.



Beach Blanket Babylon.

Tonight is the beginning of the Perseid Meteor Showers. Meanwhile... Venus, Mars, Saturn and the crescent Moon are all having a party in the sky. A celestial ball? Or perhaps a fireworks display.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

Never ones to shirk a challenge, gay boys strike back: Katy Perry gay parody video:


Anadæ Effro said...

Hey Michael, hey. Phonetically the Spanish for 'stop' is my captcha for this, pedess. Think of all the 'stop' signs that erroneously read "Alto" which means 'tall'. Tax payers money hard at work. Funnily enough, I'm an elf & your smoulderingly hot solo beefcake beach model has a caption on the lower lefthand corner, "Eles para Elas", españolé for (roughly) "They give to them", and? He has pointed ears.

Okay, man, Friday the 13th it now is & John Rechy, the homosexual writer whose '77 release (the year I busted into college), The Sexual Outlaw in no uncertain terms says that to accept oneself as gay is to accept oneself as a whore!

LOL … I thought that you'd get a hoot out of that, Michael; just segues with everything you said herein. Have ye & Var & the pooches an excellent weekend ~ Anadæ ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

Hi Anadae- Thanks for the Espanol lesson. I always wondered about that "alto" thing since my high school Spanish. Alto also means "high", as in alto plano, and I did play the alto sax in "alto" school. And Lord knows I do generally like to STOP and smell the Mary Jane, so it all makes sense.

I chose this fellow because of his "sunshine on my shoulder" glyph, the beach and his "come hither" look. And yes, he is fire trucking hot.

Thanks for the John Rechy link. Perfect icon for the sexual rebel. How many times do I have to say that accepting our inner "whore" - Dionysus, Eros, Magdalene, on and on... is of primary importance to the Id at this time?

Have an excellent weekend also, you and your giant and friends on apple mountain. Last night I vainly tried to see a meteor through the glare of Seattle. Hope you do better.

David Stewart said...

Thanks for a great post! Nice mix of some summer fun and something meatier to chew on (You know what I mean!!!!) HA. A couple of facebook friends had that first video up on their pages last week - The second one is irresistably cute as well, and I hope you don't mind if I put it up on my facebook !
I have probably said to you before that I think there is often something deeper and more profound operating under the foul blanket of homophobic hate. It may well be a recognition, at some level, of what you are talking about here. And it is a recognition that disturbs.
That sacred feminine is gonna rock the house down!
I have to share a synch with you sir. The day after this post appeared, I was diving down the highway and listening to "As it Happen" on CBC radio. Last year they had an interview with Doug Quint, owner of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in NYC. They replayed it on Friday's show (you can listen to it here - put the slider at about three-quarters of the way across on Part 1 ) The revisit was to announce that the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck had a new Jingle; written by the lovable Reverend Sister Go-Go (otherwise known as the very Pixie-Like (Anadæ take note!) Jane Wiedlin, who is apparently a friend of the truck's owner). This tune will be available on iTunes this week, but they gave all of us listeners a preview. It is definitely some more delicious, sweet and drippy summer fun and I thought I would share the extract I took from the podcast with you fellows cuz it is so much fun and synchs so well with your post Michael. Have a listen: Big Gay Ice Cream.mp3
Thanks again,

Michael said...

Hey David, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Could really use an ice cream today - almost 100! Cool synch and thanks for bringing my attention to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. and for the mp3 file, very cute.

That's the subject of my next post, exactly - rocking the house. You know that Marilyn's character in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was from Little Rock.

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