Mar 26, 2010

Something in the Water?

'Let's put it in the water supply and turn everybody on. --Steve Jobs 
A week ago last Saturday, "precisely" on schedule, Rothschild heir David de Rothschild set out in Plastiki, a catamaran made from 12,000 plastic water bottles, on a voyage from the Golden Gate to Oz, in an attempt to “raise consciousness” about the perils of PET to the environment.

What’s up with THAT? An Illuminati/banker FOR the environment?

Yesterday I found this really excellent video on the same subject that I highly recommend, mostly because it explains "manufactured demand" and compares drinking bottled water to "smoking while pregnant". You’ll note the recent “birth pains” of Mary/Isis/Gaia thread at Gosporn. Holy smokes!

Why the hell would a BANKER promote one method of water delivery vs. another? Obviously... for a profit. But how can you lose charging $2 a bottle for 2 cents worth of product? Maybe the "vessel" is a red herring... maybe “they” want us to start drinking from the tap?

What if... “they” are putting minute amounts of LSD (or the latest equivalent) in the water? And what if “they” keep upping the dosage? Maybe we’re all higher than kites and we don’t even know it!

Personally, I think that "they" are no strangers to ego-death - the one true religion. Hell, "they" know their own myths and rituals better than I do, and even I get that "they" ALL point to the same thing - the transformational power of entheogenic drugs on human consciousness. The apple IS the magic mushroom, thank you for pointing it out so succinctly, Steve.

I recall that it was Michael BANKS who wanted to "feed the birds", or in other words, feed his ego to the Id. Maybe the Illuminati are "banking" on a different currency?

I’m pretty sure “they” understand that inventing a new economic or religious system isn’t really going to change anything. America was a good try, but it became utterly corrupted by ego in less than 200 years. Fascism and Communism even quicker. The ego can, and always will, quickly turn Eden into hell. No systemic upgrade can or will work unless the players THEMSELVES get an upgrade.

So perhaps “they” came up with an audacious plan: take the secret of the sacred mushroom out of the secret lodges and bring it to the masses. “They” would conduct a massive, global, Ego-death ritual! One way or another, everyone on the planet would come face to face with their Id.

Of course, once you eat the mushroom, you realize that “they” are really “you”. It all works out. I'm not exactly sure how "we" plan to get around the infamous "Monsters, John, monsters from the Id!" issue, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with gay porn. Once you take it up the ass, everything else is just a spoonful of sugar.

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