Mar 31, 2010

Atlantis - Lost and Found

Around 10,000 years ago, a group of peaceful alien lifeforms, from the planet Antarea, formed an outpost on the planet Earth on an island known to mankind as the mythical civilization Atlantis. According to legend, this outpost sank due to an earthquake, and in order for them to leave, twenty members remained behind so that the rest would have enough life force to return to their home planet. --wikipedia
Ron Howard’s Cocoon is one of the many sci-fi films of the 80’s that converted the alien invader from terrifying monster into warm and fuzzy, if not camp. The film is all about aliens, Atlantis, and the rejuvenating power of “life force”. It also has a score by James Horner (a synchronystic treasure, that Mr. Horner) and Steve Guttenberg serving his 80’s geekness/hotness, and it was interesting to watch with the angel/Nephilim thread of the Bird Flu series fresh in my mind.

The film includes a brief throw-away scene where Don Ameche and his wife re-affirm their wedding vows in front of an enormous backlit ‘Last Supper’, which I found fascinating considering Howard’s involvement with The Da Vinci Code. The Last Supper is “bible code” for eating the entheogen/Fly Agaric which leads to an experience of ego-death on the "Cross" and the rebirth of the Self, and we’ll note that the Antareans fly around in a giant mushroom, with counter-rotating lights that echo the counter-rotational action of our typical Hollywood Stargate, from Jodie Foster’s Contact Device to Spock’s “red matter” ship in Star Trek.

According to this site about the “true Atlantis”, Atlantis was founded by Poseidon (the “Earth Shaker”); and was characterized by concentric rings and a pyramid or two in the middle; it was originally created out of a flood plane, or swamp; and was eventually destroyed by earthquake/flood in a single day. I'm loving how Atlantis Bolivia features a 'Welcome to Atlantis' sign that is more Vegas than Vegas.

It’s funny how many places around the world are considered to be the “true Atlantis”. But more relevant to this post is how many cities of synchronistic interest echo Atlantis in their grids and circular design and swampy or flood plane origin: Mexico City (The Aztec Tenochtitlan), Washington D.C., Dubai (especially The Palm Jumeirah), New Orleans, Mumbai, Paris, on and on. They say all roads lead to Rome, but I suspect Rome is merely a daughter of the Big Momma - Atlantis.

Of course, Seattle is the REALLY true Atlantis. The aforementioned Atlantis site tells us “in the Aztec language “Atl” means “water”. Like... Sea Atl? How redundant! That's like "King Rex"! We DO have probably the coolest pillarmid on the planet - the mushroom/UFO/phallus resonating Space Needle! We also have Seahawks and Mariners, the Poseidon resonating Trident submarine base on Hood Canal, Killer Whales, the Olympic mountains, as well as Pyramid Ale. The trident resonating black trimaran BMW Oracle was forged in the “cauldron of fire” of the Pacific NW. We also have a hell of a lot of magic mushrooms.

Invoking the Hollywood Oracle, we’ll note that Tom Hanks, our Da Vinci Decoder and long time Ron Howard collaborator starred in Sleepless in Seattle, where he lived on a house boat (mound/island) on Lake UNION. He also married a mermaid in Splash, AKA Melusin, who graces that peculiar Seattle brand - Starbucks Coffee.

Starbuck was the first mate on board Captain Ahab’s Pequod, the doomed ship brought against the Id resonating White Whale. Captain Picard is called a "Captain Ahab going after his whale" in First Contact, where he comes up against his own Leviathan - the Borg. The X-Files and Battlestar Galactica both feature “Starbucks” (and here), and both of them were filmed in Vancouver, the twin city of “Sea Atl”.

The whale is Leviathan, and here is Thomas Hobbes' version, AKA Poseidon, the subconscious, Lording it over England (angel land), esoterically ALSO known as a symbolic Atlantis. I trust everything is clear?

I wonder what Atlantis represents in MY psyche - in humanity’s global brain. Looking again at that circular design, it strikes me that perhaps Atlantis is actually a model of the psyche and the evolution of human consciousness. Human, ego-aware consciousness arose “like an island” from a “flood plane” or “ocean” of primordial Id consciousness. If Atlantis is The Global Brain, that might explain its basic architecture of concentric rings of subconsciousness and consciousness, “Sea” and “Land”.

They say "no man is an island", but in truth, every man is an island of ego, afloat in a beautiful pea green boat on the sea of Id.

All these Atlantean “mounds” are dominated by pyramids of the moon and the sun (right and left brains). Atlantean cultures are fixated by concepts of duality and morality, which is the “sign” of Ego/Id separation. They have sin offering rituals of varying realistic bloodiness, and with the increasing “realism” of 3D technology, I’m sure it won’t be long before we can all literally experience the nails being pounded through our hands and feet to the cross.

Even WITH these elaborate offerings, Atlantean priest-kings are always caught in the exact sin that they most demonize - see Catholic Church and U.S. Senate for recent examples.

It’s funny because with all the Atlantis Rising imagery abounding, I still pray for a flood every night. The flood of Cosmic Consciousness that destroys the illusions of Ego, breaking down the concentric barriers, one by one.

Maybe Ron Howard prays for that too.

Update April 1:

Apparently the U.S. East Coast is prepping for a "Perfect Storm" this Easter weekend:
While scientists on both sides of the table debate the current state of climate change, something disturbing has been taking place over the last 72 hours over much of the Northeast. Rains of near biblical proportion have already fallen across the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine. Municipalities are beginning to wonder how much more they can take and just when it looked as though there might be a light at the end of the storms seemingly endless tunnel there arrived overnight a specter on the horizon “the likes of which meteorologists and climatologists have never seen before” said Steve Dunton from the National Center for Severe Storm Forecasting. --Sailing Anarchy
Holy Smokes! Damn it, Poseidon, I hate it when you take my prayers literally!


Synch Notes:

One of my early homoerotic "crushes" was Alex Olsen, AKA Swamp Thing.

Secret Sun takes on that Divine Androgene, Ron Howard, this week.

The Raft of Eros - artist unkown


The Secret Sun said...

Very cool, Michael- I'll keep this in mind for my own Cocoon piece- the Seattle needle is a very interesting detail in all of this.

GreggerMan said...

The Raft of Eros picture at the end of this post is by the artist called Axel.

How is that for trivial knowledge?

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