Mar 7, 2010

Poseidon Rocks the Boat

Conspiracy Grimoire has an interesting post up about a cruise ship’s encounter with 33m “rogue waves” off the coast of Barcelona, Spain, linking the waves semiotically to the tidal wave warnings that went up across the Pacific in the wake of the Chilean 8.8 earthquake disaster.

The ship, 'Louis Majesty' was a Cypriot registered vessel, a Greek island with a history as old as it gets - a cradle of civilization and the myths, being the birthplace of Aphrodite and Adonis. Interestingly, also a former stronghold of the Knights Templar.

Virtually next door to Cyprus is the island of Rhodes, famous for its colossal 33m bronze statue of Helios (destroyed by earthquake). Helios is the sun god (Read In the Shadow of Giants for previous musings). Louis XIV was called the Sun King, so quite bizarre that this ship named ‘Louis Majesty’ is struck by 33m waves.

Ships being rolled by giant waves naturally brings us to the 1972 disaster blockbuster ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. The "90 foot tidal wave" is not quite 33 meters, but damn close.

  Poseidon synchs in with his trident and that he is the god of earthquakes - “Earth-Shaker”. When offended or ignored, he supposedly struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks. Being the god of a hidden, unseen realm, Poseidon is another powerful archetype of the subconscious. To me, the graphic of the overturned S.S. Poseidon resembles a surfacing white whale. The trident is a triple-pronged weapon:
The three waves that struck the Cypriot-owned ship Wednesday claimed two lives off the coast of northeast Spain.
The Poseidon Adventure’s theme song: “The Morning After” became a hit single for Maureen McGovern (MM). Coincidentally, I sang that song in church when I was a teenager. Funny how “the morning after” has come to mean a day of reckoning.

Also in the news this week, yet another Catholic sex scandal:
The BBC reported today that two esteemed members of the pope's inner circle have been charged with taking part in male prostitution continually for a number of years. Police uncovered the scandal during a wire tap related to another matter.
Obviously just the tip of the mitre, er... iceberg.

Merman found beached on Brawny Stud.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, you didn't sing "Morning After?!"

Nice mermaid pic!

Michael said...

Yes, can you believe it? God, what a horrible song.

ViølatoR said...

Huh, the mitre does look like a ship! From the front and even from the side somewhat. Goes well with the possible Dagon-inspired fish head shape as well.


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