Mar 16, 2010

Bird Flu Two

And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, "Come, gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and mighty men, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, small and great." Revelation 19:17-18

If the antediluvian angels were indeed birdlike creatures that set themselves up as our rulers and kings, then we might expect to find evidence for this in our surviving customs. I needn’t look much further than my own country to find an eagle perched on the Almighty "piece of eight", winking at the pyramid.

The Pacific Northwest Indians have a similar eagle perched at the pinnacle of their carved “pillarmids”, and recall how the pyramid building Aztecs founded the Atlantis resonating island city of Tenochtitlan - because of an eagle sighting.

Totem Pole in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Speaking of native American lore, the mighty Thunderbird is a perennial favorite at Gosporn (see F.A.B.) and we’ll note that our winged military “ambassadors” are called Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

We are all familiar with the Plains Indian headdress, which elegantly combines the bird with a figure of leadership. A bit of googling reveals that to be merely the tip of the iceberg, with ancient cultures from Mesopotamia to Polynesia adopting the feathered crown as a symbol of authority both religious and temporal.

According to the myth, the “birds” implanted their DNA into certain humans, creating a race of “giants”, or Nephilim. These “children of the gods” were wiped out in the Flood, but even afterwards a few survived, and some say they remain with us still, influencing the affairs of men from behind closed doors. Indeed, the entire concept of royalty and divine inheritance may be founded on the belief (misguided or otherwise) in a “sacred” bloodline that survived the deluge.

If so, we might expect to find bird (angelic ancestor) veneration among the elite:

The Bohemian Grove

One of the more infamous rituals at the grove (known as the Cremation of Care) involves the ritual feeding of a giant owl. It is fed by burning effigies of human sacrifice, and while Alex Jones has made a career from pointing out the similarities to Molech worship, the ritual of human sacrifice sits much closer to home, being the cornerstone of Christian worship as well. He who has not sacrificed to the bird may throw the first stone!

Jesus not only gave his life for our sins, he even commands that we eat his “flesh” and drink his “blood” in a ritual that on second glance seems a lot like a “family friendly” version of the Aztec custom of cutting out hearts and eating them,  sacrificing to a feathered god.

“Must be blood. Must be fresh!”
Were the Aztecs the original Mesoamerican fundamentalists? Always taking everything so literally!

The story of blood sacrifice to the Gods goes back before recorded history and around the world. The Jewish Torah gets the ball rolling straight away with the story of Cain and Abel and a squabble over “burnt offerings”. Abraham takes the ball and nearly makes a sin offering out of his only begotten son, Isaac. The Jews field off to the Christians who crucify our Lord every Sunday morning, and then consume his body in remembrance. The Greeks have Prometheus, who has his liver plucked out every day by an Eagle for giving “fire” to man. The liver is the storehouse of all the “sinful” things you have eaten.

Sin Eating

The reason a culture makes a blood sacrifice is to atone for its sins - the collective guilt of the tribe is loaded onto a symbolic totem, which is then killed in place of the tribe. This “scapegoat” (or turkey) is then ritually eaten, in an act of thanksgiving. In fact, this is a “sin-eating” ritual.

Heath Ledger played Alex Bernier the “sin eater” in the 2003 American/German thriller The Order. Conspiranoids often point to Heath Ledger as an example of a highly mediated ritual sacrifice, and given the evidence, I can’t argue. All of his film roles point toward the creation of a perfect sin offering.

The lamb is required to be physically “perfect”, without defect. Heath was not only physically perfect, he was cast in roles that echoed solar kings like David and Arthur. He was made perfect in body and in spirit. Then the sacrifice must be debased, because all our sins are cast upon him. This process began in ernest with The Order, and continued with his role of Ennis del Mar in Brokeback Mountain. In this film, Heath is made into a tragic homo, “debased” in the eyes of the world since homosexuality is considered a sin. There may be a deeper context here though, because the angel’s sin was breeding with human women. In a way, their “seed” was the original sin, and if we imagine Heath as a “sin eater” then perhaps “cocksucker” is the same thing... semiotically speaking.

Finally, Heath is cast as the Joker, AKA the devil. All our most wicked sins are incarnated into Heath, when he becomes the perfect scapegoat, and dies via “drug overdose”. Like a Phoenix, Heath is cremated and his ashes spread in a solar ceremony. Later, Heath is “born again” at the Oscars by winning a posthumous award for his role as the scapegoat, and is then ushered into the afterlife by Demi Moore (Demetria/Demeter, goddess of the underworld).

Wow. It’s pretty darn nice of these folks to sacrifice their own children so we can all go through a collective sin-eating ritual - I feel so fresh and clean - washed by the blood of the lamb! This is one hungry bird:

Abraham Lincoln (Savior of the Nation)
JFK (Arthur, Camelot)
Elvis Presley (The King of Rock)
Diana Spencer (The Queen of Hearts)
Britney Spears (The Queen of Pop)
Heath Ledger (The Lion King)
Michael Jackson (The King of Pop)
Andrew Koenig (Son of the King)

I wonder who’s next in line at the bird feeder?


The Authors of the The Odysseus Solution (see Bird Flu) are Michael Banks and Dean R. Lambe. Michael Banks is the young charge of Julie Andrew’s Mary Poppins - he’s the one who disobeys his father in order to feed the birds. Tuppence a bag.

The Birds - Provincetown Carnival. No. 42?

Don't Come Around Here No More - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Have a slice of Alice.


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfectly plausible to me! Except I have to quibble with one person in your list: Britney is no queen of pop! She may have been a princess with potential but she's hardly a queen. Girl is gonna be back with the peasants soon if can't get herself together and stop lip-synching.

Love the P-town birds parade!

Michael said...

Isn't that P-town bit inspired?

Actually Britney very much belongs on this list, see Ben Fairhall on the Britney Spears lupercalia. Scroll to the bottom to begin. I took Tiger off the list... for now.

I'll be attempting to bring this crazy bird in for a landing in part three, kinda like Ted Striker in Airplane!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't read the link you mentioned, but I guess since we're talking sacrifices, Britney certainly seems to fit the bill. Sacrificed, used up, spit out!

The Secret Sun said...

How did Alex Jones- who has all the stealthiness of a water buffalo sneak onto the Grove? Are we to believe that a collection of the nation's movers and shakers has no security at all?

Quick notes- Molech was a bull not an owl, and recent findings have shown that stillborn and crib-dead children were burned at his altar, not living children. More Bible libel for you.

Michael said...

Ha! Very true. Maybe he snuck in as a male prostitute? Ummm (viewing pix) probably not.

Yea, Molech was indeed a bull, not an owl, so why make this obvious error? Maybe doesn't make much difference to sacrifice to a horned owl or a horned god?

Unknown said...

I agree Michael. The fact that these sick fucks make human sacrifices (real as in 9/11 & pretend ones, as in BG). No matter what it's for or what the reason, all I can say is....they are very damaged people that rule our stupid 3D world.

Hey Chris, as far as Alex Jones goes, getting on the property at BG...well that makes sense. I think Jones is an amplifer for the World Elite and he just doesn't know it. He is a pawn! The Elite use people like him to spread their gospel to panic, creat mayham, riots, fear mongering, the people of the world.

The Elite know this. They let him do his thing so he can be dis-credited later like they usually do to others such as William Cooper. The ruling class (Banksters) feed lots of accurate information but mix it with the inaccurate info too, create confusion decieve us and eventually hurt the source of the information.

As for Jones getting on BG...I think they intentionally let him on the property. It would be nearly impossible to have a perfect enough level of secure in an open forest area...although I have a tendancy to think it would be a little hard to get on a property with Princes, Prime Ministers & Presidents. I can imgagine that scurity would be nearly impossible for anyone other than a trained specialist to get in there unless they want you there! such a maroon!


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