Mar 20, 2010

Bird Flu Three

My little flight of fancy has taken me down quite the rabbit hole - from birdlike “gods” to the elite, from ancient ritual sacrifice to Heath Ledger. Now I’m going to try to dig my way out, beginning with the origin and reason for the most ancient human religious rite - the sin offering.

“Sin” is simply egoic separation from the Id. When human consciousness became self-aware it developed the ego, or “self” consciousness. This awakening is also called the Fall, and while a very cool thing, it had the side-effect of virtually unplugging our individual selves from the Id (Cosmic Consciousness, God). This is when left brain, right brain duality appeared, the split between the egoic, analytical side and the Id-like side of emotion, dreams and intuition. We became “two-headed”, and this may have been the genesis of the double-headed eagle as well as the twin deity motif.

As we lost our conscious connection to the Id (cast out of the garden), it began to manifest in our subconscious dreams and visions, and eventually we required shamans/priests or “dream readers” to decipher the symbols. We elected “Daniels” to tell us the meaning of our dreams, because the right brain “has no British”. Soon the dreaming mind was filled with all manner of faeries, goblins, dragons, demons, hawks and eventually... aliens.

The lack of a conscious connection to the “hive mind” created a sense of duality, morality and right/wrong behavior, which lead to a sense of species-wide guilt - the shame of Adam and Eve. As we all know (and maybe especially gay men know this) living with an all-pervading sense of guilt is debilitating and leads to all manner of craziness. See Catholic Church for Exhibit A.

So this concept of a sin offering was created in order to let the ego “off the hook”. The sin offering symbolically places our sins (actions committed while separated from Id consciousness) on an innocent offering (often a lamb). This lamb becomes your ego, which is ritually slaughtered. This “ego-death” creates an emotional catharsis that, at least for a time, allows the conscious ego to “let-go” of its sense of personal identity enough to connect to the Id, bringing a sense of sin (twin headache) relief - you are “born again”.

The offering is then ritually eaten. This is the "Self" eating the "self" - the ecstatic devouring. You are feeding the bird, but... you ARE the bird. You are the dove being eaten, and the hawk eating the dove, the Phoenix, the Ouroborus. What is really going on is an exchange of energy - a conversion of ego guilt into Id power of forgiveness, which just might be the whole reason your entire ego-centered hide came into being. You are a "transformer".

This is a very powerful ritual, and when done on entheogens is no doubt a life-changing experience. Hell, it changed MY life. That is probably what the “mystery” religions were all about, and that’s why Osiris, Dionysus, Mithras and Jesus all tell a very similar story.

As does the life of Heath Ledger.

As others have noted, the movie for which Heath won his Oscar had Batman playing a modern Templar - who sacrificed his reputation for the sake of Harvey Dent - “Two Face”. Batman is an Osiris/Jesus resonator - the Lord of the Underworld. Two Face is “two headed” - perhaps a stand-in for the dualistic nature of our ego/Id experience. Like Spock, Two Face is “us”.

Was The Dark Knight a veiled explanation of Masonic/Templar methodology, and perhaps even an admission and defense? Did the Templars go “underground” in order to hide a truth of which we aren’t yet ready?
“The truth?” You can’t handle the truth!”
Or, are they hiding a truth that could unlock the doors and set the prisoners free?
To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." --John 8:31-32


Unknown said...

Hi Michael. Been awhile. The blog looks good and you are still posting great topics for good discussions. I'll add by two bits worth. :)

The rulers of the globalist empires have intermarried since the beginning of human history. In this way the limited kaballistic information given to the elite is certain to be maintained through the notion that blood runs thicker than water. In other words, the information given to the elite of the world, though limited, was to be kept as a sacred family heirloom. For instance, the royal families of Europe, who really are all one family, strictly intermarry, and will shun any family member who marries a commoner with no royal ancestry.

This is the luciferian inspired elitist bloodline, with the alleged divine right to rule. These are the chosen people of god (in their own eyes) as stated in the new testament, which is the new/next stage of the agenda).

This race of god’s chosen people, the Jews, is emboldened through the christian religion. The Christians, in turn, claim to be the chosen people by choosing to be supporters of the chosen people. If this sounds convoluted, it’s meant to be. Christianity is but an extension of the old testament of god’s chosen people.

The free world can now partake in the ignorance of accepting the Jesus myth. Even though there have been dozens of messiahs prior to Jesus, and they all happened to be born on December 25. Most of them were crucified and resurrected on the third day. All were born of a virgin, etc. The Jewish / Christian connection then enjoined with the creation of Islam in the early 7th century AD. This brought together the 3 major players, collectively known as the Children of Abraham, or the children of HUMAN SACRIFICE, who form approximately half of the world population, and this site will reveal completely, the luciferian / illuminati agenda entrusted to conquer our connection to reality through this kabbalistic group entity, going back to ancient Babylon and the ARAB WORLD, the ABRAHAMIC WORLD, and the CRADLE of the ILLUSORY 3 DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE.

Who we really are, is not the illusory body of humanity numbering in the billions. We are that formless thing called WISDOM, and we are the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION of BEING that the luciferian 3 dimensional illusion was designed to separate us from.

Separation from that wisdom, brings us into total control under their intellectually based systems of science and religion.

We’re in a war with the mythical gods of old, the illusory THINKERS, who attack us through the fabricated minds we’re certain are our minds. Yet, these minds that we use to contemplate all things 3 dimensional, are their minds, fabricated to receive the THOUGHT PATTERNS meant to disconnect us from the powerful stillness and knowing of the ETERNAL PARADISE STATE, which is who we are. Enjoy!


David Stewart said...

Michael. One of my favourite birdmen is the steamy Lt. Hawk the supposedly queer Enterprise helmsman from FIRST CONTACT - in my personal, private Star Trek Universe, Lt Hawk was not successfully assimilated into the Borg Collective - but ably serves Starfleet still . . . (and throwing him in just serves as my clumsy way to drag both "FIRST CONTACT" and the Borg hive-mind into my comment . . .)

So- wow, Mike, your Bird Flew series has really got you at a performance high. And this post in particular has got me thinking; I have decided that 2010 is the year for all of us to reread William Golding's THE INHERITORS. If you haven't read it yet, hunt it down, because the post here really seems to be echoing some of the themes and ideas in the classic book.

Essentially the book tells the story of the encounter between two tribes; one Neanderthal, and the other early man. The Neanderthal's represent the Pre-Fall state, and for exactly the reasons you mention here - their sense of perception is portrayed as being completely absent the overiding intellect and our sense of self. Their feet run, their ears speak to them, and they live within nature in a way that the Homo Sapiens can not. They can also communicate amongst themselves in a telepathic sharing of visual imagery.Plugged in to your Id, so to speak.

The humans on the other hand, are completely held by the Ego, and so are ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Neanderthal tribe.

I was very surprised that your post was pulling up thoughts of this book, because as I contemplated it it became obvious that this book may be speaking to us this year in a more immediate way . . . . I realized that the story has strong parallels with the current box-office hit AVATAR. And that this book is essentially a story of First Contact - and a spur to ways of thinking about "alien-ness" , and how we come face to face with otherness. And when I think about future contact, there is a feeling deep within me that feels like a memory of it. Do you agree? I am willing to bet that you and most of the readers here can agree to that. What is that memory ? Is it an actual memory of sharing this planet with an other? And how deep did that sharing go? Or like DNA, is it more of a mindful potential - something that will manifest when the time comes? Is contact to be a re-connection???

I suppose the difference between the shared connection of the Na'vi or the Neanderthal and that of the Hive Mind of the Borg is the same as the difference between consensual sex and rape - but when we are faced with staring down the maw of the Id will we see it as something to long for or something to again destroy? Will the other be something that we have already inherited our world from - or will it be that which we will leave this world to?

Yup, you have convinced to have a read at that book again.

(and oh boy - the word veri is ANTHRO !)

Michael said...

Thanks for the great comments!

DarkStar 888 - As I discovered, the sin offering reaches around the world, from the Aztecs and Mayans to the Pacific Islanders to ancient India - not just the Abrahamic religions. They also all feel they are "The Chosen Ones". :-)

David - Lt. Hawk was gay? That's perfect. Ya know, I've heard of that book, and I'll start looking for it at half price books! My hubby always says I eat like a Neanderthal...

I agree that the concept of aliens and First Contact has an intense Deja Vu aspect to it. I suspect that the experience of synchronicity and "awakening in the dream" that grows ever stronger is this Id breaking through to the Ego - once again.

The comparison of the Borg to the Id is endlessly fascinating - I would suggest the Borg is the Ego's concept of the Id - it knows it "dies" when the Id is re-plugged.

Consensual sex vs. rape - there's a reason it's called the Rapture. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mike, once again you've managed to succinctly state what I've been thinking for quite a while. All that sacrifice and ego/id stuff makes sense. Which is one reason why I'm drawn to modern shamanism. It's a way to reconnect to the id. But the ego is one royal controlling bitch, so it's a constant battle!

Michael said...

Hi Riverwolf, thanks very much for reading. I feel the same way about my ego too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

Just finished the Bird Flew trilogy and have one question - Where's the reptiles?

I KNOW I don't need to bring up the reptilian - bird connection to you or your readers so I will merely say two things: 1) it is fierce 2) winged serpent.

Did you see the Freemasonic Ritual called the Oscars this year? In it, Steve Martin played Thoth to Baldwin's Bald Eagle Resonating Osiris.

The Martin is a kind of Swallow or Sparrow.

And all your posts decipher the Language of Birds.

Also - Heath ledger had a tattoo on his arm of a Swallow/Martin looking bird.

He also had a tattoo that said KAOS. This Tattoo stood for the names of his sisters Kate, Ashley, Olivia, and his mother Sally.

Who was called first when they found his body?

mary-KATE and ASHELY OLSen.

There's that KAOS name again.

Also, buy not finally - :) KAOS is the evil secret society in Get Smart. (look up KAOS in Wikipedia) What's their logo - why a VULTURE / BIRD perched on top of the world.

I also found these two pictures intersting. The first is of pop-devil Ke$ha in Australia/Oz.

The second is of Australian Heath Ledger

Why do these pictures resonate so strongly together? The black skull, the colorful head dresses of both. Could they both be puppets of KAOS?

Also, what was the biggest song to come off Brokeback Mountain? The Wings by Gustavo Santaolalla - which had three remixes done on Verve records.

Keep it up my friend, you're rolling. Heath was either a sacrifice to the Bird / Reptile Gods, or he is living in Australia doing rituals with Ke$ha.



Anonymous said...

RE "Anonymous," Ke$ha and Heath doing rituals--now, that's crazy. But seriously, about Ke$sha's druid robe thingy--it's just symbolic of a horrible taste in fashion!

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