Mar 8, 2010

More Volunteers

Predictably, the news is full of forced outings and homophobia issues this week:

Supreme court to rule on anti-gay protests at military funerals.

California state senator Ashburn says he’s a homosexual.

NY congressman Eric Massa resigns rather than face a House sexual harassment probe.

Pope's brother linked to new claims of child abuse by clergy.

Vatican pair removed in homosexual prostitution inquiry.
The men involved in this particular scandal are volunteers...
Seattle’s Volunteer Park is infamous for homosexual "activity". I guess these assholes have been “volunteered”. St. Francis is repairing his church. Probably won't be anything left when he's done.

1 comment:

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Saint Francis? Saint Francis?! Well, what about Saint Fiacre, also spelt Fiachra, as here …. jus' tell me that that shrine to him in Ireland, at the Irish Nat'l Stud stud farm mind you, doesn't appeal to our androphile phallus adoring tendencies, & I'll call you a liar. Peace out, bro ~ (•8-D

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