Nov 30, 2010

Agent Zero

Var and I were walking the dogs a few days ago when this woman drives by us in her Florida licensed sedan, and Var says “That woman looked exactly like... you know, that actress from the Golden Girls... Beatrice Arthur, Arthur Beatrice, what was her name?” I look at him and yell “Bea Arthur!” and then more quietly, “everyone called her Bea”.

Be Arthur?

Last week we saw Prince William Arthur Philip Louis (how many sun god names can we shoe horn in there?) announce his engagement to Kate (of course it’s Kate. It’s like the Importance of Being Ernest, only it’s important to be Katherine.) Already being called the “fairytale wedding”.

Last week I was also invited to a “round table” discussion on matters not related to homo-synchromysticism. I said "sure, as long as I can be Lancelot". My inviter emailed back: “may the best sword win”. :-) Also that week, there was another “round table” discussion of synchro-magicians, here. Meanwhile, I’m also reading ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’, which naturally includes time travel in the remix.

Everything is starting to take on a medieval, fairytale cast. I’ve been musing about Red Riding Hood because she (actually, "he" in this case) showed up at the Evolution Archives of homoerotic science/fantasy fiction last month. Boom, Red shows up big time on the Synch Whole. I figure Red riding the wolf = Scarlet Woman riding the Beast or Jake Scully riding the red dragon. All the same.

Along side all that live some really strong Z and ZZ synchs, which I take to mean the “dream time” or the awakening of the Dreaming Mind, or something along those lines. Also the aleph and the omega. And along side all that is the Zero. I’ve been drawn to Jzero, the character in Cat Steven’s Numbers:
The idea shaped into a fantastic, spiritual musical set on the planet Polygor. In the story, there is a castle with a number machine. This machine exists to fulfill the sole purpose of the planet: to disperse numbers to the rest of the universe—1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (but notably, not 0). The nine inhabitants of Polygor, called "Polygons", are Monad, Dupey, Trezlar, Cubis, Qizlo, Hexidor, Septo, Octav, and Novim. As the last lines of the book say, they "followed a life of routine that had existed for as long as any could remember. ... It was, therefore, all the more shocking when on an ordinary day things first started to go wrong." The change takes the form of Jzero, who comes from nowhere as a slave and eventually confuses everybody with his simple truth.
Recall that Cat Stevens converted to Islam at the height of his fame in 1977 and changed his name to Yusuf Islam. And it was the Islamic Moors who re-introduced the concept of 0 or “no thing” back into Europe.

Today we were walking the dogs and they happened to be sniffing around a discarded bottle of Vitaminwater Zero. Which is touted as an “energy drink”, and perhaps all the crazy coffee + circumpunct synchs line up there too (and check out the Happy Creatures for this Starbucks, time warp synch). Caffeine is a source of energy, and as we all know, energy really IS king. Google zero + energy gives us zero point energy, aka the holy grail!

I suppose 911 was the modern “Dr. Manhattan Project” ritual, complete with a Ground Zero.

I’ve long considered that accessing zero point energy would be more of a psycho-sexual project than anything accomplished with ginormous machines. I mean, it would have to be, wouldn’t it? Can’t even get close unless you’re “turned on”. That’s why all the religions forbid sex except under strict guidelines and keep it all somehow tinged with guilt and fear. We’ve been told that God is love and he/she’s all powerful, so where’s the Power of Love? Let's go back to the future and ask Huey Lewis:

I have this idea for a novel that certain royals or the "elite"came into possession of a photograph from the future, like Marty McFly had in 1955, and in 1855. It’s a pic from the Undersea Dance, or ball, or wedding feast, and well... they're not there. Or maybe they are, but only as names upon tombstones. And they’ve been trying to make that picture not come true. As the date the snapshot was taken draws ever closer, they become ever more desperate. They instigate bio-scanning, tracking, chipping, 24-7 monitoring, using the "terrorist" canard as the excuse, but the real reason is that they're fucking terrified of what that little photograph means.

Scott Pilgrim is such a nobody

Makes me wonder. Maybe the Nine fear Agent Zero - the Power of Love made manifest. (Thanks to Eleleth at Kosmos Idikos for the pic). Lads, draw your blades...


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Huey Lewis...where's Dewey?

I have long thought that 1977 (33 years before 2010) was one of the most important years in music. It's the year punk broke and Elvis, Bing Crosby, and Marc Bolan died (all closely linked with David Bowie).

Scott Pilgrim is constantly drinking Coke Zero in the film--none of this "Zero" imagery occurs in the comic, meaning it was deliberate on the part of the director. Scott is sleeping in the same bed as a gay man when he meets Ramona. Sleep with men, discover your inner female?

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Hey Michael, hey. Leave it to a Rock & Roll singer to hip you to this early '80s Gothic spook house orgy by Black Sabbath, sans Mr Osbourne, Zero the Hero … cheers, bro & later, man ~ Anadæ Effro

Michael said...

Eleleth - That 77 thing. I actually saw that wacky Bing Crosby Christmas special with David Bowie when it aired. 1977 - Elton John was at his zenith, the rocket man, something about "zero hour, 9 AM"? Interesting about Scott Pilgrim, I'd only heard a teensy bit about it until you blew it wide open on your blog. Something about that name, Ramona, Ra-man-0?

Interestingly, The AIDS mythos includes "patient zero", the flight attendant who spread the gay cancer to thousands of men at the very beginning. Perhaps Agent Zero would be the anti-hero/zero.

Anadae, thanks for the link to the heavy metal. Zero the Hero, classic.

Michael said...

Bonus Ramona synch: George Hamilton plays both Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) and his gay twin brother Bunny Wigglesworth, née Ramon De La Vega.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Think Zorro-Aster, Zarathustra and...Astro Boy? The obvious connection is that 77 is Z/ZZ! It's also the year Star Wars was released.

Dave Bowman singing "Heroes" and "Little (Tin) DB" with BC on 9/11/77 ... it's a trip every time. DB quips "just a rocketman!" in the BBC recording of "Space Oddity".

Incidentally I just pulled out my copy of Neil Young's Decade (released 1977) and "Heart of Gold" comes directly before the song "Star of Bethlehem"...

Scott Pilgrim--seriously, what other movies came out this year that show the protagonist rising from the dead and enacting a ritual Killing of the King on the summit of a pyramid?

Something about that name "Ramona," indeed--like, how did Bryan Lee O'Malley copy the plot of an obscure pseudo-industrial 1995 concept album by a former glam rocker? Ramona, Romana, Hi-ram? David Bowie's backing band in 1976 (Kether-to-Malkuth tour) was called Raw Moon.

Double bonus on the Ramon Vega sync, as Scott fights a "Vegan" when the number 333 appears. All of which seems to tie back to the film Contact, somehow. Bunny Wigglesworth leads us right back to Rabbit Season--

As for the rabbit, it has a Mercurial function in alchemy, leading the alchemist all the way through the Work. A famous alchemical drawing even shows rabbits (or hares) entering underground holes, leading the alchemist (blind till he reaches the place) all the way to the 7 degrees of the initiation that will end in the creation of the Stone. You can see it here: (image A143).

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

How could I ever have forgotten? The SyFy channel generated this strange extrapolation of the L. Frank Baum series of American fairy tales, Tin Man, a must for any collectors of fantasy films. You'll agree that the attached link to the official site itself is quite the little initiatory romp. Cheers all.

Devin said...

Michael --that is a wonderful frikkin idea for a novel --the idea that I think is most beautiful of all is to conquer these insane beasts with love!!
I have been doing a lot of research (as I can i have been so off and on lately haha) at another site -it is called "IlluminatiMatrix" and I think the owner of the site does have some wonderful synchs and ideas -some of it is actually quite fascinating-but I am sort of either suspicious or thinking he is on the wrong track with his "metaphysics" as one of his beliefs apparently is that love is just as much a delusion as hatred and just as bad basically as hatred-perhaps I am just too much of a sappy romatic (which i freely admit to) to think that about love-but it just sounds 'wrong' and 'off-key' to me --
on some other notes-I have been trying to write down and save on faves some things you , Eleleth and Anadae have hyperlinked and such (and thanks for doing it btw!!) because I see some fascinating thoughts or ideas being proposed - - I just dont want to go to them quite yet as I get side-tracked easily enough!!

I think your perception (from another post) of why the military does its weird little 'dance' -weird way to think of it I know -but it seems to me like gay plus military equals insane JitterbugplusCharlestonplusHustle dance :-) is spot on !!
Like you said they give some new recruits a 'shadow' to fight (and perhaps be revulsed by on a conscious level unfortunately) and unknown to the poor recruit is that the 'shadow' is already there --not your exact words of course-but I think/hope? that is the idea you were trying to get across.
ever since someone -maybe at TheSynchHole? TMoG? mentioned they felt current times had the air of a tragedy being 'undone' I have been even more intrigued by the notion of time travel and am really trying to look extremely closely to events from 89 to present (much moreso in recent past 08 to now )
I am almost positive I mentioned this old storlyline idea I had where (very PKDlike idea-i think anyway) about how a character comes to realize that a nuclear holocaust DID happen and that he and everyone he interacts with is dead -simulations perhaps --I was going to call it "The 1983 Hypothesis" originally -and over 15 years (or more maybe)after I actually got the idea for the story-I found out that 1983 was actually a year the world came very very close to the 'real thing' and from then on I thought I would just call the story "Able Archer" after the military excercise that almost began armageddon and still with everyone still dead etc -but maybe with some sort of time travel twist -I havent worked on the story in ages and am only working on 2 writing projects and my blog now-but I would love to see someone develop something similar to this idea in a novel, movie, blog, even comic book?
all the best to you and Var my friend--I hope (Ihop:-) you are both having a wonderful weekend!!

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