Nov 10, 2010

The Gold Standard

Newton, Moonlighting as an Alchemist

There was a fascinating article about Sir Isaac Newton by Natalie Angier published in the NYT on 10.11.10 (my birthday, btw). It took the typical modern, incredulous attitude: how could someone as smart as Newton be hoodwinked into attempting to transmute lead into gold? The article never dared to delve into the true purpose of alchemy or the occult symbolism woven through it, though the accompanying artwork dares more than the text.

This month, the Large Hadron Collider started banging lead ions together, and they succeeded in creating a “mini Big Bang” on 11.7.10, which is really much closer to the true purpose of alchemy. The scientists sounded as proud as new pops!
One of the accelerator’s experiments, ALICE, has been specifically designed to smash together lead ions, but the ATLAS and Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiments have also switched to the new mode.

"We are thrilled with the achievement," said Dr Evans.
As well they should be. They converted matter (lead) into creation energy (gold). No wonder there’s a Shiva statue in the CERN sculpture garden. The LHC is an alchemical device.

Being newly initiated into meditation, I’ve been reading up at Lorin Roche’s site ‘Instinctive Meditation’ and came upon this fabulous page all about phallus worship and the homo sex going on within Indian monasteries:
Steven continued, "And it's amazing to really feel worshipped. Those people know how to adore a cock. And how to savor a sensation. First of all, they think my cock is huge, even though it's not, by American standards. And no one has ever given me a blow job like those monks. They pay the same total attention to sucking cock as they do to meditation. There is no hurrying, that's the great thing. You are trying to be quiet and trying to prolong it as long as you can, which of course makes you hornier and ready to burst, but you want it to last because the sensations are so intense and you have spent the entire day savoring electricity. They worship you as a god. They do sex as a form of puja, a worship of the life force. They know something we don't, in this culture."
"In some temples, they have a stone phallus as an altar, and they pour BUTTER over it and chant to it as the symbol of God. It's called a Shiva lingam. It's the most beautiful, hypnotic ceremony I have ever seen."

To the Indian monks, the Force is phallic energy. Gold. Or maybe butter.

Butter reminds me of Little Black Sambo; the Tamil lad who turns tigers into butter. Or in other words, the “lead” or “Nigredo” who churned his tiger energy (the sexual energy of his lower chakras) into gold.

The American Express sponsored ad for Conan’s comeback (with the flaming hare) reminded me that AE invented the gold card, and that member ship does indeed have its privileges.

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