Nov 26, 2010

Snooze Alarm

I guess it was all just a dream. Go back to sleep.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

If Snow White is the White Queen, then the Seven Dwarfs are the seven metals. The glass coffin into which she is placed is an image that appears in alchemy of the Hermetic vessel.

Trying to correlate western esoteric symbols with the eastern Kundalini 7-chakra system always gives me a headache--nothing ever quite lines up. Snow White has been compared to the slumbering Kundalini, but surely the glass coffin is a closer symbol of the slumbering Christian Rosenkreuz in the Vault of the Adepts, while Prince Charming is the phallic energy that raises her from slumber. There must be a book out there, somewhere, where all of this is explained...

Scott Pilgrim must fight seven evil exes before he can date Ramona Flowers...

Michael said...

I figure the book is in the Vatican, but since we can't get to that one, we have to make it up ourselves.

It's pretty clear that the mine(d) is the subconscious, so relating the seven dwarves to the seven chakras makes a certain amount of sense, though I think the tarot is probably a closer match. Doc is the "head" dwarf, and he wears amanita red, like Papa Smerf. He also "judges" the gems mined from the subconscious, which gives him a certain egoic sensibility. Going down the spinal chord we finally end with Dopey, AKA the Fool. He's the one with the key to the vault, which he leaves hanging on the front door! Disney reveals all in this short Heigh Ho clip, including echoes and water falls.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Thanks for that input. This will keep bothering me until I figure everything out. Many sources show the seven metals as symbolizing stages of the Work and not any particular part of the body, which is why it's hard to correlate the two.

I often suspect that a group of Illuminists and Rosicrucians or whatever got together and wrote all of Grimm's tales as a practical joke, because some of them are ridiculous.

One of the stories actually features Mercury, literally:

"You shall have the reward you have earned. Do you think that I was shut up there for such a long time as a favor. No, it was a punishment for me. I am the mighty Mercurius. Whoso releases me, him must I strangle.

Now, what rural peasant is going to concoct a story about "the mighty Mercurius"??? It doesn't make any sense.

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