Nov 16, 2010

No Doubt

Today has been, without a doubt, the second most bizarre day of my life. Synchronistic symbolic coincidence abounded to the point where I just had to stop counting. I was awake in the Dream, and I was the Dreamweaver. A feeling of subtle joy crept over me, as I watched events, signs and meaning shift in front of me and behind me as if I were a boat of Awareness plowing through a fog of causality. I witnessed many miracles today, but it took Varen to record just one.

We were walking in Kirkland, heading for a coffee shop on this blustery November day, and suddenly he grabs his iPhone in camera mode and walks up to this total stranger standing along side us, talking on his phone, to take some extremely close up pics! I was dumfounded! I exclaimed in by best Jar-Jar: “How rude!” and then.. “WTF?”

Var was practically vibrating with excitement. “He had a white iPhone 4!!! A WHITE IPHONE 4!!!”

OK, let me ask again, “WTF?” So Varen explains to me that white iPhone 4’s are rare an hen’s teeth. They’ve gone mythic, and are the subject of breathless “sightings”, around the world. A picture of a white iPhone will make headlines in the Mac press. It’s a one in a million thing, no.. one in a billion. They call it the geek equivalent of seeing a white unicorn.

As these thing always turn out, the photos are less than conclusive. From Yeti’s to UFO’s, the snapshots are always a bit blurry. But I feel cool about it. I was there. Like Thomas, I put my hand in the wound and I felt it. It was real. I’m a doubting Thomas no more.

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Devin said...

The part about the white iphone and Var is cute Michael-I had no idea this was a big deal until just now haha-but it explains an advert i saw a couple of days ago with the phone and the words "In White" or "Now in White" -so thank you for the background on this!!
I loved the sentence where you were a boat of awareness going thru a fog of causality!! great writing-evocative!!
I also think 'subtle joy' is the way I would describe these 'intuitions' or whatever they are that I am having-this feeling that not only will things be alright-but they actually make some sort of sense haha--
all the best to you and Var!!

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