Nov 17, 2010

Dionysus Seeks a Pardon

Here’s a story that hits some Gosporn buttons:
Pardon Bid for Jim Morrison Relights Old Fires

It was a classic skirmish of the 1960s culture war, pitting a nonconformist rock star and his bohemian fans against clean-cut defenders of acceptable behavior, the counterculture against the mainstream, and Jim Morrison against Anita Bryant.

Now the governor of Florida says he will seek to put an end to it by pursuing a posthumous pardon for two criminal convictions that Morrison, the frontman for the Doors, received after some very bad behavior at a 1969 concert in Miami. --Dave Itzkoff, NYT
Morrisons “bad behavior” was simulating masturbation in front of the crowd and maybe or maybe not exposing himself on stage. There’s gonna be a lot of that kind of bad behavior going on next week at the White Party in Miami, except the perps will gets cheers, not jeers. I love that the forgiving gov’s name is Crist. With a pardon, the court chooses to "forget" your crime. Intentional amnesia.

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Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Hey Michhael, hey … uhm, don't you mean Dionysus Seeks a Hardon? Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. That piece, "Water", by my fellow polytheist, Dean Cameron, also known in the Magical Realist cum-unity as Greybat. Check with you later, bro ~ An'

WV synch? Why, qualiti, & that you've got with this elf. Namasté, Michael.

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