Nov 8, 2010

Bow WoW

Apparently Richard Hoagland thinks the Hartley “comet” is actually a “Rendezvous With Rama” type alien spacecraft, and the Secret Sun connects all the semiotic dots with Obama’s current trip (pilgrimage) to India and his own personal rendezvous with Rama. Like the Queen of Sheba visiting the court of Solomon, he arrives with impressive gifts. Yesterday was 11/7/10, so some interesting 17’s encoded within, both coming and going.

Rama is the Indian Hercules/Horus/John the Baptist figure. Speaking of John, or Oannes, the mermen from Sirius, Varen had a vivid dream the morning of Nov. 7 (and yes, I’ve been chastised in the past for using Varen’s dreams as gosporn fodder but suck it. This one is just too good).
Var was shopping in a store in a cool city in the future (a common dream for him) when suddenly he was sort of sucked into another place or dimension (not so common). It was as if he was in a water-like fluid and he heard a voice telepathically tell him “Don’t be afraid of the way I look, I have no eyes and no muscles”. So he turned to look and saw a translucent entity floating next to him that he described as sort of like a jellyfish. They had a short conversation. Then he was exited from the fluid dimension, back into his dream, and from there quickly awoke.

Oannes was said to be hideous in appearance, and I’d say a big, telepathic jellyfish would qualify. I flashed on the Guild Navigators from Dune, and then I read all the amazing info at Secret Sun. Hartley’s comet is described as “peanut-shaped”, which just reminds me of Snoopy, who is a dog star.

But to me, the comet is just another 3D bow tie, and Sirius is in the galactic "neighborhood" of the “bow tie” shaped constellation of Orion. Here’s the  red bow tie wearing, know-it-all, time traveling dog - Mr. Peabody, of the Bullwinkle Show.

I casually googled “Boeing, Hercules”, recalling that the Boeing C-17 (No. 44's "gift") was a big “heavy-lifter” type aircraft and I got this Youtube video from 3/3/07 called “Boeing, Hercules, Orion” that features the Top Gun Anthem, synching in Tom Cruise for a Scientology flyby.

After that, I nearly missed the 11/7 ad at the top of Youtube: Conan O'Brian, sporting a bow tie, being completely Sirius, with his hair on fire! The Id, doing whatever it takes...

From a "A Fiery Birth" at the Synch Whole.

Addendum 11/9: via Mythulinity. (flaming skull tat) Woof!


Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

Wow, I think you and I must have seen that Conan ad at about the exact same time:

I love your additions with the bowtie.

PS: Doesn't the "comet" look like a bone, something a dog might chase. See also 2001 bone->spaceship.

Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

Okay man, this is crazy.
On Sunday 11/7 I posted this shot of The Fisherfolk on the SecretSun's FB page:

Now consider that my last few blog posts included 117, "Giant Pop" and a "Tear in the Fabric of Space." Well, guess what: On 11/7 (the same night of Var's dream with Fishfolk and other dimensions) the boys at CERN tied it all together by successfully generating a "mini-BIG BANG" (Giant Pop) on 11/7.

Tons of love from the east coast! Be well guys.

Michael said...

Hi Alan, yea, I almost spit out my drink when I saw that Conan ad! The "comet" does indeed resemble a bone, though the 2001 ship reminds me more of a "boner".

So CERN was active that day also. God, maybe it really IS tearing holes in the fabric of space time, or "folding space" as they say in the Dune universe. I note today that we had a "Mystery Missile" seen off California (possible a SUBMARINE launch), and the Navy says it wasn't theirs but there is "no cause for alarm". Can't wait for Armistice Day...

Michael said...

And tons of love from the West coast back to you both.

I forgot to say that the most personally relevant little message from that Conan ad was the command to "Take Charge".

Michael said...

OK, this really is crazy. I was reading the Red Ice article about CERN and it was talking about the "Strong force"...

"One of the accelerator’s experiments, ALICE, has been specifically designed to smash together lead ions, but the ATLAS and Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiments have also switched to the new mode.

"He explained that by studying the plasma, physicists hoped to learn more about the so-called strong force - the force that binds the nuclei of atoms together and that is responsible for 98% of their mass."

Which gives us Alice (through the looking glass, on and on) and the literal beginning of the alchemical process, beginning with yes... lead. The "big bang" is the beginning of the universal alchemical process of turning "lead" into "gold".

So of course, A friend of mine calls me today and the subject drifts off to the global economic crisis, bankers, value of the dollar, etc. etc. etc. and he tells me that he's buying GOLD and he strongly advises me to do the same!

Yup. Call me a miner forty-niner.

Orion has two dogs: Canis Minor and Canis MAJOR.

Jake Kotze said... Peace in Dudes

Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

It gets crazier still. :)

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