Dec 12, 2010

It's a Trap!

Like Agent K from Men in Black, I sometimes check out the tabloids for the real news of the day. I got a doozy this morning, with TIME asking us “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” showing Julian Assange being censored by the flag, and just above it was Outside magazine: “James Franco Cut My Arm Off!”. Both the severed hand and the covered mouth are all over the Sync Whole this month, so of course now I’m seeing them everywhere. This post is just pinging off their amazing work.

Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand

The most famous severed hand in the galaxy belongs to Luke Skywalker, who lost it by falling into a trap. Note the Double Crosses showing on the Outside magazine cover.

Supporters of Wikileaks have conducted a hacking campaign against VISA, Amazon and other corporations perceived as enemies. Their weapon is called LOIC, or Low-Orbit Ion Cannon. This is a very nerdy reference to the ion cannon that the rebel base on Hoth (Thoth) uses against the Imperial Fleet in The Empire Strikes Back - the film where Luke loses his hand. Considering all the Falcon/Horus symbolism in Star Wars, perhaps it should be called the Eye On Cannon, or the Aeon Cannon, as in Aeon of Horus (Millennium Falcon). I note you download the app from ‘Sourceforge Faggots’ and you have to UnZIP before you can use it. Sounds like either an episode from Naked Justice or a chapter from Crowley's The Book of the Law.

The TIME cover is pretty close to the poster for The People vs. Larry Flynt, starring Woody Harrelson. Some have noted that Wikileaks and Julian Assange aren’t necessarily what they appear, that perhaps TIME has carefully managed the meme from the start.

I’m currently reading Mark Twain’s ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’. It's fascinating that the Yank (or Wank) decides to blow up Merlin's Tower (WTC) and he does it by secretly placing charges within the structure, though he publicly puts on a great show of magic and incantations to wow the locals with his mad wizard skills. He relies upon a LIGHTNING ROD to light the fuse. Hmmm... a FLINT is also used to light a fuse, and I suppose faggots are always good for starting a fire. Besides, isn't homosex "the love that dare not say it's name"? I'd say the duct tape is torn off by now.

When our hero first appears in Camelot, he makes his name by predicting a solar eclipse, which happens to occur on the same day he is to be burned at the stake. He threatens to extinguish the sun for all time if he is not released, and well, the natives were properly impressed.

This event actually happened with Christopher Columbus, who used his foreknowledge of a lunar eclipse to terrify/pacify the disgruntled natives in 1504. I note that a lunar eclipse is forthcoming on 12/21/10, we shall see what the magicians have in store.

127 Hours until Orion Time?

The Syncsters have also brilliantly noted the hourglass theme running through the media at the moment, synching it with the witch’s hourglass in the Wizard of Oz. Like Luke, Dorothy also falls into a trap. It would seem that TIME is almost up for Dorothy. Where ARE those friends of Dorothy when she needs them?


Jake Kotze said...

I like that connection between Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke and Luke Skywalker loosing his hand. Must be some goodies down that road...

Thanks and be well

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Plus, it's A-poll-o New Man playing Cool Hand Lucifer.

Over at the g8ors blog, people connected the Severed Hand of the Mysteries with Sagittarius (the sign of Crowley's "Art" card) and Beavers eating Wood. Is the Anima Mundi trying to get the message across, or am I missing something here? The glove is the G-Love, right?

How do you restart time in an hourglass? You turn it upside-down (and refill it with red sand from No Issa).

Interestingly, there's also a story about Merlin (Mercury) where he revealed that there were two fighting serpents underneath a tower that had caused it to collapse. (Twins and a tower!)

In Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video, there are two rival gangs dressed in black and white (the lunar and solar serpents). Michael Jack-Son steps between them dressed in red (Rubedo/Horus) and makes the universal hand sign for jacking off, and they all start getting along. Hint?

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I've added some goodies about LOIC, the Low Orbit Ion Cannon app/weapon of Anon, that sync right up with the sound of one hand frapping, err... clapping, and Thoth/Mercury.

Thanks for reminding me about that MJ video - classic!

Eleleth ר ק D said...

The obvious pun would be that it's the Aeon Canon--as in the new doctrine of the Book of the Law.

"Assange" sounds like "ass angel"--why? The Golden Ass, perhaps? About the Beast-Man who finds salvation through the cult of Isis ("Ast" in Egyptian, meaning literally "seat," as in one's ass). Martry McFly plays "eartH Angel" in Back to the Future...

For some reason that serpents thing reminded me that Samuel L. Jackson was in (motherfucking) Snakes on a Plane! Flying serpents, of course, are dragons (more alchemical symbolism).

The famous "It's a Trap" (also *chan slang for a chick with a dick) line comes from the third movie--and is spoken by Admiral (Allah) Ackbar.

2010 (the year we made contact with ourselves) has been the year of the Star Tarot card--the upcoming eclipse sounds like a good harbinger of the Moon card, which, if you recall, I called "an eclipse of the sun."

Michael said...

Perhaps Anon = No man = Nemo?

Ooh, good Marty McFly sync. I've noted how Marty says "asshole" about a million times in the films, and he always wakes up with his "sacrificial" ass high in the air, and there's even one scene in BTTF 3 where he gets out of bed in his "union suit", with a nice shot of his ass. Is it any wonder why love BTTF so much?

The "It's a trap" line may have been made famous by Admiral Ackbar, but Princess Leia said it first in the Cloud City. I love how Allah is a fish headed Dagon, and yes, the "trap" is that if you see the penis on the she-male, you will be made gay. I swear Kosmic Konsciousness is a 14 year old boy. Time to grow up?

Everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Alan Abbadessa, now Alan Green said...

You guys are all sorts of awesome. Very cool post and comments.
We are very much syncing with the end of "Empire Strikes Back" - does that mean the Empire is about to fall?

And I have to reiterate: Connecticut = Connect/Cut

I was just invited up to Connecticut for Christmas. I can't go, but I'm wondering what would've been waiting there.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

In his Symposium, Plato did say that "right pederasty" was the way that one achieved illumination and glimpsed the True and Beautiful, so...uh, yeah. Ands Jesus said, "He who seeks me, will find me in children from seven years old; for there concealed, I shall in the fourteenth age be made manifest."

The face of the Kore Kosmou is clearly Lady Gaga--she's a Trap with a Golden Ass. Plus, she looks like Major Tom's first wife, Angie Bowie (circa 1973), just for that weird "bride of Aladdin Sane" angle. Instead of "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl," the birth announcement of the Divine Hermaphrodite can only be "It's a Trap!"

The ads on YouTube right now say "IT'S A TRAP"--did you do this? Before that, they said "PLAY SUPER MARIO BROS."--as in "Bea Mario"?

Michael said...


And Jesus is called "a fisher of men", with the fishnet (stockings) being the holy "trap" of the divine Frank-N-furter.

Well, not sure about my influence on Youtube, at least consciously. I recall that my personal diva, Julie Andrews, played Maria Von Trapp...

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Jason "Bait"-Man, the Fisher King, receives the Divine Child from Juno (fathered by our Scott Pilgrim/Michael Cera). I think you have to be a bit juvenile to get anywhere in the sync world--little children, love one another...

I took a screenshot just to make sure that I wasn't imagining it (maybe I still did)--note that it's Lois, the Scarlet Mother, with her Holy Fool son, Chris(t) Griffin, riding a single bi-cycle, once again resonating the Divine Hermaphrodite. All nicely juxtaposed with our proto-Trap Starman telling us to make way for the Homo Superior! I still think you're responsible for this, somehow.

Interesting, also, that George Lucas makes frequent visual reference to The Sound of Music in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Appropriate

The first Beatles #1 was "I Want to Hold Your Hand"--the B-side was "I Saw Her Standing There," featuring the line, "she was just seventeen"--something about "you are sixteen, going on seventeen"?

Sorry, I'll stop cluttering your comments section!

Anonymous said...

Yee! Julian is a victim of the Illuminati! I KNEW it!

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