Dec 22, 2010

Rudolph Saves

When Var first came out, his loving family figured that his homosexuality was a product of low self esteem, which was why he was made to undergo a nose job at the tender age of 16. Apparently he had quite the proud schnoz before, but now his nose is pretty much perfect, neither too big or too small and Roman straight. His doctor did good work.

It didn’t cure him (thank God). But that story has made me think about our most prominent of facial features. If you could choose one biological feature that we are generally most dissatisfied with it would be the nose (at least, features above the belt). Hell, the entire plastic surgery industry was essentially launched by the Nose Job - the face that launched a thousand snips. And since this is Gosporn, I sort of wonder if the nose might represent a phallus?

So... yea. Which brings me around to Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. You know, the one who saved Christmas:
Rudolph with your "nose" so bright,
Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?
So even great Santa/Saturn, the giver of all good gifts, is basically stuck in a snow storm until/unless Rudolph shines his red light saber so bright. Even Santa can beg. I'm kind of loving this Luxology image, with Rudolph playing the part of R2D2.

It would appear that we are caught in a subconscious blizzard - a white out fog. I guess I’m just sayin’... shine your fleshlight. Be Rudolph, the Rude Elf. Let's make this a Christmas to re-member.



Var’s doctor? Yep, the same as Mark Hamill’s.

I’d love to get a tarot reading of the film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Anyone?

Lambert the Sheepish Lion. Lambert wasn’t invited to join in any reindeer games, either. Still saved their asses.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Plus, y'know, reindeer are horny. Let's see, their names were:


Hmm--Cupid, as in the Roman name for Eros. The other predominant theme seems to be the descent of lightning--like the "lightning flash" of the Logos from Kether to Malkuth on the Christmas Tree of Life. Add Rudolph and you even get the 9+1 Sefirot.

I saw Santa falling like lightning from heaven? (Strangely, there are zero Google results for this.)

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

……. & so, too, are devils hornéd, which see the Christmas devil, Krampus, whose popularity, for some unknown reason, never really caught on here in the Colonies. Also, kudos to you, Eleleth, for equating the Christmas tree to the Sephiroth. With Krampus in the wings meting out justice for misbehaving miscreants, I see it translated in the Qliphoth. For all those who follow the Norse Heathenry tradition & mayhap even claim descent from the Quendi, there's this lovely feed from Celestial Elf. Stay safe, everyone, & all the best new achievements in 2011 ~ Anadæ Quenyan Effro

Michael said...

OK... I'm back! Ha with the Santa falling like lightning from heaven line. I figure he's Saturn, reclaiming Saturnalia. Perhaps going down and up the chimney is another wink at going down and back up the Chakras, and note that he goes back up the chimney by placing his finger beside his "nose".

It amazes me that both Rudolph's nose and a Jedi light saber sound like amp feedback.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Mister Hyperlinks here again … Michael & Eleleth (& anyone else who breezes in), as you well Gno, our ringed planetary neighbour, Saturn, was anciently referred to by ziggurat-based astronomers as the Horned One, since they hadn't clearly discerned it as having a ring, but did see a 'horn' emerging from either side of its orbitting globe body. In the German Surrealist, Paul Struck's (please roll that 'r' & long-vowel that 'u' for his surname's proper pronunciation) Major Arcana only deck, the Ansata Tarot, he depicts card 12 as a man with horns. Scroll down right here to see. But rather than Saturn, its value is his father, Ouranos. Tricky stuff, fershure. However, a Bible-based interpretation of it appoints the card as being the next Pope, The Anti-Pope. Seeing as it was published in aught four, they hadn't yet known about Pope Benedict XVI, now had they? Have a great 2011, everyone, & might we achieve greatness before the paradigm shift Biggie the year after next. Au revoir ~ (•8-D.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

I thought you would pick up on the subtext of Santa going in through the "exhaust port," hmm?

Plus, Rudolph the Rubedo is the 9th reindeer, which would place him in the sphere of Yesod. Cupid is the 6th, placing him in Tiphareth. Santa-Saturn then slots nicely into Malkuth. (Olive the other reindeer is Daath, since she doesn't exist.)

Christopher Knowles said...

Maybe next Christmas Santa will put this in your stocking:

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

……. @Christopher, cool deck, that. I actually did get a deck from Father Christmas this year, designed by the German Surrealist, Paul struck, it, too, only has the Major Arcana, but they tell you how to do the appropriate readings. Its name is the Ansata Tarot … Cheers, & best to us all as we time travel to 2011 ~ (•8-D

Devin said...

Haha-was on my way to the "No Doubt" post to make sure I had read it -but just had to say that I hate my effing schnoze --just hate it --if I sent you and Var a pic of me in profile (which I dont have haha) you would see why--I feel bad for Var that he had to go thru the nose-job, low esteem theorizing -low self esteem was my initial diagnosis too!!

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