Aug 27, 2013

A New Hope

Those eyes

I was walking by the Maritime Center in PT today, there was this really sexy guy up on the roof, doing... roofing. He had HOPE printed on his tight, bulging t-shirt, along with a solar sign. This is his truck, sorry, couldn't get a snap of the guy.

I figured this was a good sign, so I watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope, yet again.

One sperm makes it.

Those eyes...

Same day, a friend of mine emailed me a pic of a lovely little green catamaran named Isis.

Now, recall that Luke and Leia are twins, like the twin-hulled catamaran, and like the binary star of Sirius, so far away and a long time ago.

The love between Luke and Leia could be interpreted as an analog of the love between Isis and Osiris, since Isis was the sister/lover of Osiris. And of course, the whole Millennium Falcon business certainly resonates with the Egyptian myths. I snapped this pic today:

Be Prepared
In my personal sync book, Isis is also Mary - the primordial mother of us all. Both Mary and Isis are called "the Star of the Sea". This is the PT Maritime Center logo:

It's Mary Time
You are my only hope, you big dick.

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