Aug 1, 2013

Ears Wide Shut

It's been a week of rape controversy in the Sync sphere. ViolatoR hosted 42 minutes this week, giving a dissertation on Kaballah that included a self deprecating joke about his voice being akin to an "ear-rape". This created some sturm und drang on Facebook but it fits very well with my Lotus Europa syncs of June.

The Rape of Europa

Ear-rape sounds like... Eur-rope.

ViolatoR is talking about Kaballah and frankly, I'm not that interested because Madonna ruined it for me.

I'm reading The Origins of Consciousness in the Break-Down of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes, who posits that early civilized man heard voices in his head that were perceived as coming directly from God. The modern barrier between Ego and Id was not very well formed, and we were always hallucinating. As the connection between the "two houses" was gradually lost, prophets appeared, who still had the ability to hear the voices - often augmented by ingesting entheogens. We now call such people schizophrenic - or insane.

If God is the Word, then ear-rape would be a perfect description for hearing an unwelcome voice from the "other house". Hmmm, maybe I should give ViolatoR and Kabbalah another listen.

Our most famous modern "rapist" is Julian Assange. He is telling the Empire of Ego about things we'd rather not hear, so of course, we accuse him of rape.

The Rapture, or "rape sure", is the fundamentalist belief that Jesus will return at the end of the age and rescue his church before the Tribulation. The church is "The Bride of Christ", and well, let's suppose that this church isn't about to come to the alter willingly.

Get me to the church on time, Jesus.

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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Let's hope Justin never sees a bottle of Rape Seed Oil on the self of his local supermarket.-)

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