Aug 21, 2013

Sunny Six Killers

Var and I drove out to Hurricane Ridge today, following Highway 101 to Port Angeles, and then up to the Olympic Mountains. The view is awe inspiring, and it reminded me about what we had to go through to get here - Highway 101, which is the Route 66 of the West Coast. 101 passes through Sequim on its way to the home of the gods.

Sequim's nickname is "Sunny Sequim", because of it's rep for being more sunny than the usual rainy PNW. Paradoxically, Sequim gets more sun because it sits in the "rain shadow" of the Olympic Mountains.

As you enter Sequim, you are greeted by "Welcome Twilight Fans!" banners at various hotels. Twilight is not set in "Sunny Sequim", it is set in Forks, on the other side of the Olympics, where it rains 24/7.

Also, you are greeted by giant billboards advertising the 7 Cedars Casino - where "It's always Sonny". It features the mug of former Husky football star Sonny Sixkiller on every sign.

It reminded me of this:

Sequim's population is currently 6,606 souls, not counting the undead.

A six (man) killer, as spokesman for the Casino of the 7 cedars (sounds vaguely "Solomon's Temple" to me) living in the Sun City of Man. Hmmm... I'm with Bella, I'd rather hang out with the vampires and the werewolves - at least you know what you're dealing with.

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