Aug 7, 2013

The Dragon's Teeth Sync the Boys in the Boat

You should have been here an hour ago

We were visiting Terry (my Isis resonator) yesterday, on 8 lb 6 oz Jesus day. It was nice being invited over to her family beach front estate (did I mention she was rich?) We saw rowing shells go by, Terry talked about her competitive rowing, about being "in the swing".

But there were these odd clouds that hung over us all day, never moving. I thought they looked like vertebrae but Var said "shark's teeth" and he nailed it, they resembled a shark's tooth necklace.

So this is what a fish sees, right before it goes down a shark's gullet.

Later I thought "dragon's teeth" and they could be that as well. Really all the same thing, since the dragon, shark and vertebrae often stand in for the sacred fire of the Kundalini.

So... I've been thinking about Jason and the Argonauts again, and Cadmus:

Cadmus was the bringer of literacy, civilization, killed the sacred dragon that guarded the spring of Ares. The goddess Athena told him to sow the teeth, from which sprang a group of ferocious warriors called the spartoi. He threw a precious jewel into the midst of the warriors, who turned on each other in an attempt to seize the stone for themselves. The five survivors joined with Cadmus to found the city of Thebes.

In other words, Cadmus (Ego) killed the connection (the dragon, serpent, caduceus, rainbow bridge, etc.) to Ares (Id).

The classical legends of Cadmus and Jason have given rise to the phrase "to sow dragon's teeth." This is used as a metaphor to refer to an act that has the effect of fomenting disputes.

I like to call the USA "Egoland", a collective manifestation of the ego. In this way it plays a modern Thebes, Babylon or Jericho: name your favorite lovely but doomed city-state. Seen this way, the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center), all 1776 feet of it, represent the Tower of Babel - a tower devoted to the idea of an individual consciousness freed from... Id.

Just googling around for memes...
"They hate us for our freedoms"

The thing is, freedom isn't free. There must be constant vigilance against the threat, any threat, to the idea of egoic sovereignty. We see where this leads, Patriot Act, NSA spying and all. Much like Jericho:

Safely escaping the city, the two returned to Joshua and reported that the "whole land was melting with fear." ~the spies

Amber Alert today, iPhone notification, of course.

Because Joshua's spies are sheltered by Rahab, a prostitute of Jericho, I suspect that a sexual orgasm is how the spies from Id come in. It's the split-second ego death, all defenses are down. Id jumps the barrier to Egoland and does a quick reconnaissance, then back before ego even knows what's happening.

God, I must be the worst turncoat in Egoland. I swear, I didn't know what I was doing!

Back to Jason and the Golden Fleece:

I walk by a crazy man almost every day who has signs out that say "Are you a sheeple?" and such. It's a backwards way of saying "are you Ares?" And well, how does that relate to Jesus, the lamb of God, and being fleeced?

Green flash over the underdog
So I walked by the crazy man today and continued on to the boat house, where people keep their canoes, shells, kayaks and such. And there was a beautiful Eight there that I had never seen before, the Husky Challenger. I walked up to the women working on the shell and asked them if this was the same boat that stars in The Boys in the Boat that is all the rage here in the Pacific NW, about the 8 working-class boys from Washington State who beat the best of the Nazis in the 1936 Olympic Games.

An Epic Quest for Gold
"No, this is the Husky Challenger, from the '60's. That boat was the Husky Clipper".

More ego shearing. But the crazy thing was that there was this friendly dog there who they called Zeus. And they called "Hey Zeus!" when they wanted him to come. Zeus wore a golden fleece.

Zeus, the Golden Fleece. Good God.


One of my consistent notions is that  Id is planning an invasion. I can't really know, because I'm not privy to the Id Files, but I can read the Ego Files.

I use Ego and Id though it is an outmoded concept. A bit better than "left brain/ right brain", or "Sinner / God". 

Jason is a descendent of Aeolus, the God of the Wind. He is the son of a son of a sailor. In Class of the Titans, the Jason character wears purple and gold - Husky colors.

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