Aug 13, 2013

The Tale Wagging the God

Even though I like to call the USA "Egoland", it plays another role in its relationship with Israel. Israel can't say "jump" without every US politician asking "how hi?" This odd relationship between two countries that are vastly unequal in terms of military, economic and political power is sometimes called "the tail wagging the dog".

Israel may not be much, but it conquers via its own myths that center around "the chosen people" and all that. The USA lays down and goes all submissive when approached by the big Jewish God stick.

As a sorcerer's apprentice, this is pretty fascinating because it is an example of ego controlling Id, or the small and meek controlling the great and powerful. Dorothy vs. the Wizard. (OK, Israel is hardly meek, so these analogies only go so far).

That said... If Israel, a poor and wretched little country, can control the richest and mightiest country on the planet via a few symbols and well placed myths, imagine what I might do with my own Id.

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