Mar 10, 2009

Purple Power

Today was a big day. We're using our inheritance to get the VW Golf back on the road! The aging Golf has been waiting over a year for the money to make it roadworthy again, and so today we called Eastside Towing to haul it over to the Wagon House.

I never much liked the name Golf. It seemed like unseemly "reaching outside of class" for the "People's Car". I mean,"people" bowl and play baseball, we do not golf. That said, the story of the pauper made a prince is always compelling.

So Eastside shows up with the Purple People Puller, and I'm reminded of the "tugboat" idea of Jesus, who is pulling us toward the I AM (see The Holy Tugboat). This particular tow truck is a "beast", in that it never saw a gas station it didn't like - according to the congenial driver. So we have a Purple Beast (aka Cock), drawing the People's Car (aka humanity) toward the Wagon House (aka the divine garage of eternal joy and free 10W-40).

Being thus purple sensitized, I immediately saw at least five amazing purple synchs, which I won't bore you with, however I do note that my chosen horny Avatar has a purple tinge. Or is that lavender?

Sirius Synch: Seattle's most famous, most iconic VW service and repair shop is Bow Wow VW, who's unbearably cute little sticker is properly displayed on micro buses thusly:


tommy said...

Smoochy is way better than Barney...

Anadæ Effro said...

Homosynchromeshédly enough, just as Mr Kozmikon himself has raised, Smoochy the Rhino is way better than Barney, but Edward Norton, who had portrayed him, had also portrayed the considerably pumped up Derek Vinyard, a Neo-Nazi, in the '98 release, American History X, in which he ironically is gang-raped by alleged 14/88 buddy pals in dah joint after having committed homicide in a racial clash. Not a fun film, but a modern day morality tale.

Also, as far as conjugating canines go, I was at Madame President's & her First Lady's home (they're the married lesbian couple who head the property owners' association here on Apple Mountain) for the Ancient Aliens docu at the begii of the week, when lo & behold, one of their female dogs (!) mounts one of their cats, who's in estrus & willing to be connected even to a cross-species admirer. That old Biblical verse came to mind ( :-)}

Michael said...

Tommy - that is crazy. Rhinoceros are synching like mad this week.

Anadae - thanks for the amazing trails, as per. I included Barney because he's such a queen but he's also a T. Rex (with dental work, Thoth?) which is very fierce. I'm loving that the Prez of Apple Mountain is a dyke.

Cheers, Michael

tommy said...

I was wondering what the "Attack Rhino" was doing in 300. Quite a homosexual movie if you ask me, plus it combines gay+fierce as you pointed out Barney there is doing..

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