Mar 16, 2009

The Wearing of the Green

I've discovered a new car nerd blog: Bring a Trailer - the thinking man's Auto Trader. I'm loving it because he definitely has a gift for picking out wonderfully symbolic auto-grails. Like last April 22 (The real April Fool's Day) he finds this 1970 Lamborghini Espada for sale, green and gold livery.

You'll have to click to enlarge, but note the red, trident wielding Maserati zooming in from the upper right. No. 133.

According to The Secret Sun, green and gold are associated with Cybele, another mother earth symbol. Her Roman counterpart is Ceres, from which we get the word cereal.

Lamborghini's symbol is the bull, which resonates the Egyptian masturbating Creator God Min as well as the Minotaur, the half bull, half human creature of that ancient and ever present labyrinth on our own planetary island of Dr. Moreau. Espada is Spanish for "sword" so yet another phallic symbol, and green is also the color of Min, resonating the semen white sap of said vegie. Osiris is the Green Man, so I'm supposing Min became Osiris - the God with the detachable penis.

Which leads us to St. Paddy's Day and the wearing of the green. Again, according to The Secret Sun, our modern Bacchanal of St. Patrick's Day is yet another feast day of Osiris, with little pointers like the number 17 giving the game away. In Irish lore, the pot o' gold is guarded by those mini elvish - the leprechauns. The pot (care for a puff?) is found at the end of the rainbow, just like Oz, and just like every single gay pride parade.

"Pot o' gold" sounds very grailish to me, synching with cars and boats and any movable vessel. As the luck o' the Irish would have it, today I was searching for a pic of a catamaran (resonating H, the twin) for an unrelated project, and I stumbled upon this amazing vessel, who's name is Cybele! I swear to Min on a stack of lettuce. What are the chances?

I have one personal Lamborghini synch: one of my best friends (Craig) from my twenties rented a room from a gay couple in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle, and they had an old blue Lamborghini in the garage, stored under a tarp. It was quit odd, because these guys were the outdoorsy bear type, not what you would normally associate with collecting auto exotica. Craig was practically addicted to cereal - he even ate it for dessert.


Loren Coleman said...

Well, there is another way to look at these Wild Green Men today!


Anadæ Effro said...

Interesting God wink over the picture of the catamaran that you found having the same name as the ancient goddess Cybele. As for the wearing of the green, that's a custom long attributed to the Fey (or Fae) well before modern day custom attributes it to patriot Irish & their descendants.

You must Gno that there is still a blurring in the distinction betwixt the fairies & the elves, although those of us who study these matters, I among them, still find that there's an undying identity that is much deeper than the tales spun in the folklore of a people that refuses to be forgotten.

The Green Man, a very ancient, powerful archetypal merging of the human & vegetative kingdoms, has many names. As Dr Coleman attests, there might be a parallel with our still-as-yet unapprehended Bigfoot neighbours. A medieval stained glass in Fort Tryon's The Cloisters renders a Wild Man of the Wood, covered in hair.

And speaking of television fare, there's an engaging mini-series bearing the Green Man's name from 1990 based on the Kingsley Amis occult-themed page-turner that first aired on the BBC, now available as a DVD set here.

Also, Mike, before lavender became the universally accepted colour of the sexually variant populace, it was green. Time for more plantings!

Out & gardening again,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

PS ~ For the synch crowd, my wv if aphorgia! Whoa!

Thuth said...

Is that a picture of you in that green speedo.

Wow! Your pretty hot, Michael.


Michael said...

Thuth, yea, that's me before I got really big...

Anadae - Awesome. I found that Iceland/Elven Rights thing a while ago, amazing. Maybe Robin Hood is a kind of Green Man? I like his stealing from the rich and giving to the poor thing, and all those merry men, hanging out in the woods together...

Which leads me to the best homoerotic/pagan cartoon ever: Robin Hoog. Enjoy.

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