Mar 12, 2009

Landing on Plymouth Rock

The Chariot of the Gods

She came from Planet Claire, I knew she came from there. She drove a Plymouth Satellite, Faster than the speed of light... Planet Claire has pink air, All the trees are red. No one ever dies there, No one has a head. Some say she's from Mars, Or one of the seven stars, That shine after 3:30 in the morning. WELL... SHE ISN'T! --Planet Claire, B-52's.

I've been musing about the sudden rise of the "Synchromystic", as it were. New synchromystic blogs pop up like mushrooms these days, with more and more people catching the bug. Synchronicity is (IMHO) an attempt to "awaken in the dream", to consciously view everyday events and coincidence as personal messages from the Dreaming Mind. In other words, lunatic pot heads who think God is talking to them in secret messages that only they can understand! I say that with love, because I'm one of them.

My own path on the yellow brick road began in earnest on Sept. 11, 2001 (no points for originality, I'm afraid) and has included more than one credible VALIS experience. I know many of my fellow synchronauts can recount similar experiences, and sometimes I wonder, how... why? Why is synchronicity waxing?

William Thuther at Conspiracy Grimoire has been doing some really excellent work on "the Contact Device": that spinning, whirling, gyroscope-like machine that Jodie Foster rode to make first contact with aliens in the Vega system. It keeps appearing in the strangest places - American Idol, the sculpture garden of the CERN super collider, etc.

I've been doing a lot of musing about this machine, and what it represents. Jodie obviously didn't actually "GO" anywhere. The ball drops, hits the water, and she exits with wild tales. What Jodie experienced was not a trip to Vega(s), but a sudden and powerful connection to Universal Consciousness. She'd had a classic religious vision; an anointing of the Holy Spirit; an "ego death". She visits "heaven", which to her was the tropical beach of her childhood, where she meets her father, as in... "the Holy Father".

Ecstatic religious experience can be generated in several ways, including intense prayer, meditation, chanting, entheogens, sex, strangulation (sometimes employed in Tantric sex) and.... altering the local magnetic field by SPINNING magnets around the cranium. If you do all of them at once maybe you become Jesus. Or Jodie Foster.

The human organism, being an electrical energy device of profound subtlety, is sensitive to flux in the magnetic fields that surrounds it. Changes in our own brain chemistry or in the magnetic field (the "electrolyte") can cause changes in the way our brain functions, perhaps temporarily bridging the gap from right to left brain experience - the Rainbow Bridge.

Is the Contact Device essentially a system of rapidly spinning magnets that alters the magnetic field around a body so as to create perfect link to the right brain, Dreaming Mind? Contact, indeed.

You Spin Me right round, baby right round...

When I think back on my youth, I loved the merry-go-round the best. Spinning. Curiously, rockers, swings, merry-go-rounds, etc., are all designed to generate rhythmic changes in local gravity/magnetic fields. Perhaps children find this intrinsically pleasurable because it creates a weak electrical connection across the Great Divide?

The Mad Tea Party

Amusement parks all feature gravity altering rides; the Roller Coaster, Centrifuge, the Vomatron, etc. Along with seriously trippy iconography in the "Fun House". Maybe the spinning makes the fun house "fun". Like taking a toke.

Curiously, the Psychiatry Museum in Bern, Switzerland, features a model of Centrifuge Therapy, which spins the insane asylum patient around in an 18th century version of an astronaut training chair, a "literal" attempt to spin the mental patient (who's head was "spinning"), back into "synch" with sanity.

The octagonal Contact Device in CERN is called a Super Collider - a metaphor for the meeting of the left brain Ego with the Right Brain Id - when the immovable object meets the irresistible force. This is also the Stargate, made famous via synchromagician Jake Kotze. The Contact Device and the Stargate are equivalents.

But why me, why us, and why now? Why this sudden explosion of people who seem at least half-connected to the Dreaming Mind half the time? My personal ego death didn't involve drugs, sex(darn it!) or strangulation, and I haven't been sitting inside any spinning Contact Devices or Ferris Wheels. Or... have I?

Relax... You're Soaking in It

VALIS is Philip K. Dick's satellite-based personification of Cosmic Consiousness. Satellites spin around the earth, exactly like the Contact Device spins around the ball that surrounds Jodie Foster (female, "earth", and perhaps... "foster parent"). Googling satellite earth orbit gives us this:

The paths of geostationary satellites oddly resemble the paths of the Contact Device. And who is credited with the "invention" of the geostatic satellite? Arthur C. Clarke, the imagineer of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which resonates so strongly with Contact. David BOWman and Ellie ARROWway. I mean... quite.

According to Canadian engineers at Queen's University, there are now more than 8000 operational satellites orbiting earth. This only includes the ones we've been told about. Is it possible that satellites might effect the earth's magnetic fields, in a way so as to create a global "Contact Device"? A device that is, even now, relentlessly surfacing the unconscious Underworld - directly into the oncoming train of the consensus reality trance. A device that is, perhaps, to be completed in 2012.

Maybe my own brief connection to the Id was simply the result of a random triangulation of satellites, creating a momentary surge of VALIS magnetic field flux!? I'm trying to imagine the effect on billions of egos who suddenly come face to face with their own, personal, Jesus. While watching TV.

Maybe there's a very good reason to be off planet by 2012.


Ben Fairhall said...

Brilliant stuff.

The notion of 'billions of egos who suddenly come face to face with their own personal, Jesus. While watching TV' is exactly what is predicted by Benjamin Creme of Share International. Often touted as the New Age John the Baptist, Creme believes that 'Maitreya' (often touted as the New Age Anti-Christ) will declare himself publicly through a worldwide telepathic and televisual 'link-up.' There's lots about it online, should you be at all interested.

The information on the Psychiatry Museum is also extremely interesting.

You're noticing the sudden mushrooming of the synchro-blogs too, then?

Anadæ Effro said...
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Anadæ Effro said...

Ben! These brilliant observations of Mike's are exactly why I signed off the way I did in your current article on the recent Brinkhill development just the other day right here!

Mike, you're too phunnie, "You're soaking in it!", Madge's perennial utterance over treating her manicure appointments in Palmolive™ dish detergent (it's so gentle), in regards to the veil of satellites orbiting our planet & the waveform energies that we all are, no joke, bathed in.

Recently, a new member of my All Planets (are) Hollow Yahoo! posting forum, Kathy, had some interesting things to offer over censored satellites photos of the Antarctica aperture & aurora formation here. What say ye?

And yup! As the worldwide Ascension in everyone's consciousness escalates, there'll be more people taking notice as we climb towards that pivotal turning point in human history, hence, the proliferation in the synchromystic aspects of the blogosphere. Shwew, and how.

Watching the stars fall,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

James Ratte said...

Makes me think of the Globe
infront of the Trump Hotel in Columbus Circle.

Michael said...

Ben - I recall reading about the 'Maitreya' conspiracy back around 2002-3, when I was deep into that sort of thing. Project Blue Beam, etc. I'm actually fairly proud of this little post, because it has that air of inescapable change or transformation that is central to the horror genre, as well as many of my best loved homoerotic muscle-growth stories. Yea, there are so many synchromystics out there now I can't keep up, so I've stopped even trying.

Anadae - I was astounded when I found an old Palmolive ad on youtube featuring Madge, and her customer asks how she's doing, and Madge says something like: "Oh you know, plotting total global domination, the usual". Cute. I'll try to check out the Yahoo forum, but Yahoo hates me, so I may not be able to access it.

James - great! Yes, there it is again.

David Stewart said...

Wow Michael - you sure give a guy a lot to chew On . . . . ;)
If you have ever spent anytime at Richard Hoagland's site there is plenty of speculation there on the physics of spinning bodies which you might find fascinating. Referencing Bruce DePalma's work and also in collaboration with David Wilcox, he suggests as the Solar plane aligns with Galactic Centre for the 2012 date that will locally increase the efficiency of the the "machine" that our Solar System and our Galaxy together comprise. - what that increased efficiency could wind up meaning is anybody's guess.
I went over to Conspiracy Grimoire to make sure I was caught up there at your suggestion and when reading Thut's musings on the "evil wind " My mind immediately went to the destructive whirlwinds of the bible; and then i remembered that Ezekiel ascended into Heaven on a Whirlwind - in essence, a swirling vortex of some sort - anyway have a look at this page here: whirlwind
. . .the machine of Providence indeed!

Michael said...

Hi David, Hoagland's site is huge, and I pick at it from time to time. Thanks for the link to Ezekiel this part:

"translated "it was cried unto them whirling"; they were called to put themselves into rapid revolution."

Reminds me of Whirling Dervishes. Maybe they're generating "contact".

Thuth said...

I have been OUT of the sphere for a few weeks, but had to comment on the shout out.


I LOVE this theory. There is absolutely something going on with the satellites, and I don't know what it is.

Also, the story yesterday about Discovery racing to the Space Station and how they have to watch out for space debris. At first I would say Russia vs. US Satellites - but the space station is Russian. So why would they be scarred when going up there if it was Russians.

Then today, a story about a bat being on the side of the main booster rocket of discovery. Which is a total Batman reference - or Benevolent Dracula, as I'm now seeing the symbol after watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall again - a secret synch-fest that tells the same story as Southland Tales.

You idea is scary, but I like it, and will file it away as a possibility.

Creating a global contact device. Brilliant.

Look out Project Blue Beam.



Michael said...

Thuth, thanks for the comment. Just wanted to keep you up to date with the spiral of insanity. :-)

Arrowsmith said...

Hi Michael. James Ratte just pointed me towards your post and I'm glad he did. Brilliant stuff!
I also feel like I've been caught up on this spiral of insanity, or Magic Roundabout, and wonder when/if it'll ever stop.

Just had a flash back of a dream I had the other night while typing that last sentence:
I was in the middle of a shopping precinct and was standing on a round-a-bout (which isn't there in real life) and was spinning at a shocking speed. I got off and my head was still swimming as I staggered around not knowing what was on Earth was happening. I knew that the people out shopping must think I was crazy, but didn't really care.

Thanks for triggering the dream as I feel your post has certainly helped give me some new insights into what it might mean!
Look forward to more Michael.

Michael said...

Arrowsmith - thanks for stopping by and sharing your dream. Interesting times.


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