Mar 5, 2009

Asherah's Needle

I've been taking another look at Seattle's famous obelisk, the Space Needle, seeking to unlock a few secrets. The monument combines the ancient with the futuristic in a remarkably elegant way, my hometown "ancient astronaut". The pillar (representing the Divine Masculine) it topped with a saucer, which I take to represent the Divine Feminine. It is also "crowned with the sun", so plenty of solar symbolism going around. This concept reminds me of the banners exhibited at John McCain's bizarre 2008 concession ritual in Phoenix - which featured golden pillars topped with a five pointed star - Venus. See Black Gold II.

To underline the point, check out this amazing 2007 Chrysler image: "Get Ready for the Next 100 Years". These are Asherah poles, all dedicated to the Babylonian (or Catholic!?) Queen of Heaven.

Always the focus of the city's New Years Eve bacchanal (a symbol of renewal, rebirth), the needle is, according to Matthew Delooze, an energy transmitter - sending worship energy into the lower fourth dimension for the dining pleasure of certain vampire-like non corporeal entities. Fittingly, the Needle includes an elite (very expensive) restaurant on top, and a larger, lower priced venue below, for the "porch brethren". As above, so below.

The Needle was the tallest building in Seattle from 1962 (the Century 21 World's Fair, for which it was built) to 1968, when the black box of 1001 4th Avenue Plaza eclipsed it. This 50 story building (originally the SeaFirst Building - maritime ping) was quickly dubbed "The box the Space Needle came in". Note the Venusian "5".

Loren Colman's recent post about Cleopatra's Needle struck a chord. The "needle" was an ancient Egyptian obelisk brought to England in 1877 encased in an iron cylinder dubbed "Cleopatra" by it's Masonic builders. Which would make it the "box" the needle "came" in. No double entendres here. Apparently, the voyage from Egypt to England was the 'voyage of the damned' - 6 men drowned in a storm in the Bay of Biscay when the Cleopatra broke loose. The obelisk did not sink, amazing considering it was encased in iron (an iron maiden?), and was eventually towed to London.

There are actually four ancient Egyptian Needles. One in London, with it's twin in New York City (something about that "unbreakable bond?"), and one in Paris, while its twin remains in Egypt.

The "needle" represents the disembodied penis of Osiris, and Cleopatra/the Seafirst building represents Isis. But let's take it one step further. In Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897), the vampire makes a long sea voyage from Transylvania to England aboard the Demeter, encased in a BOX filled with earth. (Dracula's planned travel destination was to be among the "teeming millions") This was also a voyage of the damned, with not one of the crew surviving the voyage.

Demeter is another "earth mother" goddess, the equivalent of the Roman Ceres. The 1988 Disney television movie Earth*Star Voyager features a vessel on a voyage to a planet called Demeter. I remember watching this little gem as a teenager, and strangely enough, Disney has steadfastly refused to release it to DVD or modern consumption. Perhaps it was a bit TOO forthcoming?

The voyage of Dracula from near death in Transylvania to youthful vigor in London represents the voyage of Osiris from the Underworld back to life - represented by London and her "teeming millions", AKA Earth/Demeter. Bram Stoker was sure to include the name Hawkins (Horus) in his mythos, and curious that Abraham Van Helsing is Dutch (Netherlands meaning Underworld) who is the one who sends Dracula/Osiris BACK to Hades.

Perhaps, the "blood" that Osiris requires for his rebirth is not literal blood, but the blood of worship - the unconscious worship energy of billions via his symbol of the disembodied penis - the Needle. And maybe, this energy is somehow stored INSIDE the atomic structure of masonry (the sword in the stone) - a spiritual "battery" or "storehouse".

According to the Athenian rhetorician Isocrates, the greatest gifts which Demeter gave were cereal (also known as corn in modern Britain), which made man different from wild animals; and the Mysteries which give man higher hopes in this life and the afterlife. --wikipedia

Remember how the family was feeding the seagulls hexagon CEREAL on the ferry? See The Lion's Gate.


Christopher Knowles said...

I'd like to see some data corresponding the gay communities in cities with these giant phalluses. Provincetown is your best example of this.

I'm given to accept Sitchin's explanation that obelisks were in fact a cargo cult version of rockets. That certainly fits in with the Ra and Osiris symbolism, the two gods who lived in space while the other gods ruled the world.

Michael said...

Christopher - Interesting point. San Francisco certainly has a few, the Coit tower being one. I note it was built to honor firemen, and it's interesting how often these towers are associated with "fire" men, the late great twin towers, for example. Seattle's Columbia Tower hosts the world's biggest fireman competition this month.

Cheers, Michael

Anonymous said...

The Seafirst building looks like the Seagrams building.

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