Nov 6, 2008

Black Gold II

As noted in in the previous post, the symbolism surrounding John McCain's concession ritual was wildly evocative: Gold, Nazi-style banners, twin phallic pillars, and above all, the silver 5 pointed star of Venus/Ashtart/Ishtar/Asherah - the Queen of Heaven.

Looking again at the twin banners, so evocative of twin towers, Solomon's Temple and of course, 911. McCain stands before us a "fallen" man - his Presidential aspirations laying like rubble around him. Might he be standing in for those twin towers? Christopher K. at The Secret Sun has pointed out that when the towers fell, they "revealed" the symbolic architecture present in the World Financial Center - a dome, a pyramid, a stepped pyramid, and a star. Buildings that until 911 had been overshadowed by the massive towers. If the towers represented the Jewish/Solomonic/Freemasonic tradition, then the WFC may represent an older tradition - that of Egypt. Combining the fall of "Solomon" McCain with the rise of Egyptian Pharaoh resonating Barack Obama, we get Egypt rising again - like the Phoenix.

Solomon was famous for being exceedingly rich - especially in gold.

The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, not including the revenues brought in by merchants and traders. Also all the kings of Arabia and the governors of the land brought gold and silver to Solomon. --2 Chronicles 9:13

Ah... that lucky number. McCain is noted to be very rich, and his campaign "temple" was literally dripping in gold. If McCain is symbolically Solomon, he is also symbolically the USA (New Israel), which until recently was exceedingly rich, and received tribute from all the kings of Arabia in the form of - black gold.

Solomon was an apostate King, forsaking Jehovah for the Babylonian mystery schools. He was the one who brought Mystery Babylon into the "Promised Land", and he is the one Freemasons venerate even today. The Babylonian tradition is essentially the Egyptian tradition - same Goddess, different names.

If McCain is Solomon, then HE is the one who brings Mystery Babylon into New Israel. I wonder where she is? Maybe standing on his right and left, where the real star power shines... McCain's Asherah poles.

The woman was dressed in purple (blue) and scarlet (red), and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. This title was written on her forehead: 

Not to be to a Jeremiah, or anything...


Esperanto Grrl said...

McCain's concession speech was actually very gracious and dignified. It felt like McCain had awoke from an evil spell or something. He felt like the statesman he was in 2000.

It was nowhere near as awesome as what was easily the best moment of 2006 - Pete Santorum's concession speech. Boy, was that great. My favorite parts were when Pete's kids start crying, and when someone in the audience yells out "NoooOOOoooo!"

I must have watched that speech something like several times on YouTube. Even the newspapers got a few subtle digs at "Man marries goat" Santorum, with headlines like "Santorum Concession Speech Works Crowd into Froth." (Ha HA.)

Have you ever read any of Robert E. Howard's horror stories? Supposedly, he created his famous barbarian-kings like Kull and Conan with inspiration from the story of Saul in the Old Testament, at least Howard's interpretation of it: a solid, honest man surrounded by an ancient, scheming theocracy.

Esperanto Grrl said...

Also: I liked how in Barry O's acceptance speech, the new puppy got a lot more applause than Joe Biden.

aferrismoon said...

Barak - In Hebrew and Arabic means ' blessing'. Its numbers = BRK = 2+200+20 so all the 2s.
Via Suares this implies a container on all levels of life - archetypal, existential and cosmic.
Containers tend to BReAK , blessings tend to positively initiate a venture. All containers require penetration at some time, to unlock that developing within.
B.O hasn't been 'penetrated' politically yet.
He reminds me of Tony Blair [ the early years]
Being black seems to have got him out of the 'difficult for mainstream religion' gay issues.


JB said...

Great article, Etemenanki is also interpreting Sarah Pale-Horse as being the Whore of Babalon.

And what of Proposition 8? Mormons, the 19th century equivalent of the latter-day Scientologists, who have always redefined marriage as being a "sacred" union between one man and two or more women, are acting all christian all of a sudden and hypocritically stabbing gay people in the back.

H is the 8th letter, so Prop 8 could easily be Prep H, perfect for those swollen a**holes.

Michael said...

EG - an evil spell, that's great. Reminds me of that song by the Talking Heads:

This is not my beautiful house!
This is not my beautiful wife!
Hey! How did I get here?!

I have lots of sympathy for Saul, mainly because he's the first King of Israel and his son Jonathan only has eyes for a shepherd boy. "Son, I know you like this boy, but you have a kingdom to think about... maybe you'd like to date one of these nice Jewish girls..."

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - the Obama presidency promises to be a synch gold mine...

JB - thanks. And thanks for the Goro link. Preparation H... LOL.

I was looking at that shot of Sarah and Cindy, and how they are both "veiled" by some funky black mics or something. It must have taken some serious work to get that all lined up so sweet. Isis (the Black Madonna) ready to be unveiled?

The Secret Sun said...

Excellent post, Michael. I'll tell you, judging from all the photos I've seen this year, the Republicans have the market cornered on botoxed gold-diggers. Ironic that McCain is kind of one himself. It's a shame what happened to Cindy- she was smoking hot back in the day. I'm wondering about that lobbyist affair story earlier this year and then the weird bromance with Joe Loserman.

Michael said...

Thanks Chris. Here's another hilarious synch - Palin is the mother of an unwed mother, AKA a "prostitute".

My fav NYC gay blog - House of Vader - described Cindy's look as "cunting, reptilian, snowgress realness" which I thought was pretty accurate.

devin41 said...

Michael haven't said "hi" in a long time-have had some health problems lately and for awhile really got too much into the political side of things-can't wait to get back into the esoteric/synchromystic! You are right-the Obama presidency assuming there is to be one(as for some he is the "sum of all fears") will be a synch gold mine. I voted for him as I have the foolish hope-according to other folks-that he will at least be a little more on our side. Was disappointed about prop 8 in CA-had no illusions about prop 102 here in AZ(theres a kinda-sorta gay pun) don't mean to cause offense to anyone I am gay also. I felt like running over all of the yes on 102 signs I saw! Best wishes to you as always!-Devin

Michael said...

Hi Dev, I'm learning that politics are as esoteric as it gets, but I still hate the general gestalt. I have to admit a certain glee about watching the right wing go through the same thing I went through 8 years ago!! They do carry on...

Anyway, always happy to get comments from my 2 or 3 gay readers out there. Jesus, I need to post more porn...

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