Nov 2, 2008

Victoria's Secret

We went down to Redmond Town Center today for a little Sunday outing - walk the dogs, get a little sun, groceries, people watch. We parked next to a new Victoria's Secret - opening soon! The store was shrouded in pink and white striped wrapping, hiding what was inside - a secret indeed.

A "match made in heaven". Note the red Templar cross. Posh is an old English term for luxury transport (port out, starboard home) married to Becks - the German (illuminati) beer... how Windsor.

When we got home I was greeted by the latest Matthew Delooze newsletter, always a welcome treat. Today he was going off about the Beckhams - David and Victoria. I've long considered David Beckham to be a New Hermes, and Matthew essentially says the same thing - David is channelling ancient angel/reptilian/archetype energy via tattoos! But the Victoria synch drew me to his wife - a SPICE girl. All sci-fi nerds know that the entire galaxy runs on Spice via Frank Herbert's Dune (the ultimate source of all Hermetic knowledge). According to Delooze, reptilians/angels/watchers require emotional energy to survive - the spice of life. 'Spice Girl' is oddly chilling when viewed from the desert planet of Arrakis.

Now Victoria, besides being the most sexually repressive QUEEN in history, is also Nike - the Goddess of Victory. Nike Inc. signifies their athletic shoes with their famous swoosh, which was probably intended as a wink toward Mercury and his fleet-footed sandals. So we have Nike wedded to Mercury in English pop stars and a Portland, OR athletic shoe company.

In Pop-politics, Obama (channeling Hermes all the way) was famously wedded to Victoria in his speech at the Prussian Siegessaeule, or Victory Column - topped with everyone's favorite Goddess (via The Secret Sun).

And now for the queer angle (you knew it had to be coming): Julie Andrews played a drag queen in despair in Blake Edward's (her DIRECTOR husband) Victor/Victoria, which next to The Sound of Music is one of my favorite things. Julie is a woman playing a man, playing a woman. It's a tranniepalooza, and it happens to have some of the best show tunes ever, but they're besides the point. The POINT... is that Victoria is actually VICTOR!

Which is... Victoria's SECRET!!!

Le Jazz Hot - Victor/Victoria. "She's a winner!"


Michael said...

We are amused.

The Secret Sun said...

I don't know- I'm wonder about Beckham sometimes because he's way too good looking for Posh. I think she looks like a shaved ape, only minus the earthy sexuality. I would see him more with Sporty (who meets him halfway on the androgyny scale) or Scary (another switch hitter who just oozes estrogen and zaftig fertility). I don't think Posh is pretty, nor sexy. I think she's the gay man's ideal of a hot broad.

Esperanto Grrl said...

"Dune" is one of those great science fiction novels that's over-read and under-analyzed. The same is true, oddly enough, of Harlan Ellison: most discussion of him tends to center on three or four stories. In that sense, "Dune" is very much like a reverse Octavia Butler or Cordwainer Smith, that every science fiction critic is gay for, but have yet to become the massively popular object of a cult.

My favorite Spice Girl is Scary, as she's the most like me: brash and ethnic.

Michael said...

Oh no, don't blame Posh on the gays. She's awful. And what is it with their polio-like, curved spine pose? It's ugly, and it DOES remind me of cartoony insect aliens.

"over-read and under-analyzed" - kinda the opposite of moi! :-)

Thanks for the comments, Michael

Dr Do Little said...

I sort of admire Posh, in a perverse sort of way, as a woman who has made a lot of herself with very, very little...

Dr Do Little said...

Michael, looking at the pic your insight is amazing! Definitely a reversal going on there - like the caption. When Becks visited OZ I heard him in an interview & his Voice didn't much his physique at all! Reminded me of that boxer in The Simpsons - Drederick Tatum. (Just an impression from memory). And her Voice? Looking at the vid of the Spice's most famous song 'Wannabe' I also thought that Posh doesn't appear to have one solo line (unlike the others)...

Jaspal said...

I've seen someone point out (maybe M Tsarion) that the Nike tick is actually the Rings of Saturn, part of some Saturn cult.

I have also had one of the weirdest Sync weekends after reading one of Mr Kotze's posts, I left 3 big posts on his Blog.

Michael said...

Dr. DL, yea, the W mag cover is funky, as is the CBS advert for Victoria's Secret, conjuring angels and "Seal" (of Solomon, what?) and the Spice.

Jaspal, the swoosh might be a Saturn emblem, but the fact is, Nike is an athletic shoe co., got their start in track and field. Running shoes are indelibly synched to wing-footed Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, so.... Nike is born on or from... the feet of Mercury/Hermes.

Cheers, Michael

The Secret Sun said...

Full disclosure: I can't stand skinny women, women with no butts and women with breast implants.

And women with muscles? Blegh.

Dr Do Little said...

Geez Michael you’ve taken me down the rabbit hole with this one, makin me wonder if becks is some sort of ’submissive’ & Vic a tranny Dominatrix….

Below is a link to the song Becks apparently saw & fell for her.

She is dressed as a Dominatrix and her name is Midnight Miss Suki…Mistress Suki?

I couldn’t recall the name of the song & when I searched it came across this fan site where Posh’s voice is described as ‘a sort of dragging …’

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