Mar 9, 2009

The Collaborator

This challenging early Tom of Finland surfaced on Roids and Rants a few days ago.

The immediate visual impact is disturbing, yet the name of the drawing adds an entire story to this single image. According to hearsay, 20-year-old Tom himself was sexually abused by German soldier(s) during the WW2 while they were stationed in Finland. --R&R

However, if you read the comments, it appears that Tom may have actively sought out the German soldiers...

Meanwhile, Taschen has released the ultimate Tom of Finland companion, XXL, his complete works in 666 pages.

I remember my first taste of Tom, I think I had snuck (underage) into a dirty book store and found the gay section. It was like gasoline thrown on a fire I barely knew existed! The images of giant cocks, dominance and submission, it was very, very bad, but I knew deep down it was what I wanted. Hadn't I been drawing similar images in my own room and hiding them under the bed, ever since puberty? They say the devil hides under the beds of children, and in my case, maybe he really was.

In Jungian terms, Hitler refused to integrate his own dark side, and instead projected it outward to the "Enemy", which happened to be homosexuals, Roma and Jews. Go figure. I myself am guilty of the same charge, because I have projected my own dark side onto various people and institutions - such as Prince William, most notably - an easy target. Which doesn't mean that William is off the hook, it just means that from now on I wish to see him as a "lightbringer", an illumination into my own dark nature. Same as GWB was, and I presume, Obama - who already appears as an "angel of light".

Tom seems to have been entirely sanguine about the whole business, and really didn't care WHERE he got cock. Cock was cock, and if lonely and horny German soldiers was where he found it, no matter. At the time, Finland was torn between Soviet domination and German "help", and the Swastika wasn't the ultimate symbol of evil, it was just the German flag. (BTW, I have a feeling the Stars and Stripes are heading that way...).

As these things go, Tom of Finland, because of his rejection of the "status quo" power of symbols, manifests them even more deeply in his art. Symbols seem to have a life, even a will... of their own.

When I painted a red star over the LORD in the latest gosporn banner, I was considering a swastika (and a Baphomet and a Star of David and an Imperial hexagon...) because they are all symbols of the dark side, and somehow, Cock is "central" to all this. You can get arrested for showing a normal body part in public quicker than anything... even showing a swastika, God forbid it be shown in "anger". It's like, an ACTUAL penis is a RED FLAG to the powers that be, even though they seem to be perfectly happy with monuments that SYMBOLIZE exactly that. I strongly suspect that "idolatry" is the worship of gods of stone, iron, bronze, or gold, when the Living God is right between our legs. May I have the ability of Tom (Thomas) to see what's real.


Christopher Knowles said...

Hitler commissioned a sculpture in honor of the SS- it was two Tom of Finland looking men- both naked- holding hands. I have a photo of Hitler and Mussolini admiring it.

I wonder what he would have thought of the UFC?

James Ratte said...

I wore a big red swaztika for my War protest in 05'. I should of done it naked too.

Michael said...

Christopher - Send me that pic! The undercurrent of homoeroticism in Nazi Germany is well noted, and last year we saw Tom Cruise playing a German officer. I recall the conspiracy press having a field day with rumors about White House "call boy" Gannon.

James - I see a dog in your inkblot. Possibly a Husky.

Christopher Knowles said...

All in good time, Michael! Actually, I've started another blog for in-depth analyses and collaborations (ironically) so consider that an invitation for a crossover. It will be called "The Secret Porn."

wordver synch: "porro"

Anadæ Effro said...

Feast thine orbits on THIS eye candy, fellas & femmes. Dubbed Lo Stadio dei Marmi, it was commission'd by Il Duce himself to immortalise his vision of masculine beauty under his Fascist dictatorship.
And whadaya get when ya cross a prick with a spud? A dictator!

Completely apolitical,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Michael said...

Anadae - that is absolutely fabulous! I wonder if Li'l Duce didn't consult Tom of Finland? Those muscles and bulges are getting dangerously close to my own gay dreams. I guess we faggots are all little design dictators at heart.

James Ratte said...

I just got done watching the Watchmen bootleg twice. I love Rorschach. When I changed my icon to commemorate and dispell pecular notions my former avatar raised in the minds of other, I had no idea what the image was, but when it gets small it looks like a fox. I tried to find one that is animated and constantly changing, no luck.

That link is great Anadæ, I remember being weired out by the German and Russian designs that never came into fruition during Architecture school; so overscaled.

Devin said...

Fantastic post Michael! I am way behind on reading everyone's blogs-hope to be somewhat caught up later in the week-having an awful time with exhaustion -best to you and Varen as always-I can definitely sympathize with the feeling of gasoline being heaped on an already raging fire (hehe-altho now I have the libido of a ninety year old :-) I once had this -well what can I say- rather not too smart girl I knew buy me a copy of Playgirl -I had come up with the most riduculously unbelievable story of how the magazine was not for me -but another girl I knew who was too embarrassed to buy the thing herself!

Devin said...

I am so hoping someone else didnt note this so I do not look like an idiot yet again -Ernst Roehm-the SS leader or SA-anyways very powerful dude in Nazi germany was killed by Hitler as he was becoming too powerful -and this guy was a total and unashamed homosexual -do not know which position he favored-maybe he was versatile:-) It was in 1934 I believe the same year Stalin got rid (or at least most historians think) of a possible future rival-Kirov (of course for Stalin this shit was another day at the office!) Hitler and his men busted open the hotel room door where Roehm and his gay buddies were having what I presume was a lotta gay sex -I think this event in Germany was called the Night of the Long Knives-best to you as always!

Michael said...

Hi Devin, thanks for the comments! I really hope you feel better. I have a profound memory of sneaking a look at my first Playgirl. I actually started vibrating! In hindsight, it was an internal conflict thing. The guy who did it happened to be dressed (undressed?) like a sexy sailor (who I later recognized in gay porn) so synch points all around.

Wow, thanks for the Ernst Roehm info. I didn't know that.

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