Mar 14, 2009

Justice is Coming

I haven't seen Watchmen, and reports are that it's about two hours overlong, and the main antagonist is subliminally gay, so really not that excited, blue bodybuilder notwithstanding.

But look at this amazing message - a Torah statement if we ever saw one. With the brain puncturing bullet entering the Smiley Face. It almost looks a giant spaceship hovering... This all happening concurrently with justice (of a sort) being served to a Wall St. swindler and the pill peddling killers of our latest 'Marilyn Monroe':

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Anna Nicole Smith's longtime partner and attorney, Howard K. Stern, and a doctor were jailed Thursday on charges of conspiring to furnish drugs to Smith before her death in 2007, authorities said. --via eLLUMINATI BLOG

Makes me wonder if we might even be told who really shot JFK - JR. But it got me thinking: Wouldn't all this tend to create a sense of personal moral anxiety? I'll bet attendance was particularly heavy in Confession this week.


David Stewart said...

I am so pleased to hear this about Anna Nicole's supposed friends - some years back I happened to catch her on Leno - yes, the poor thing was probably high on something at the time, and yes she may not have been the smartest person in the room t any one time - but I was horrified to realize that she had been brought on only to be made fun of . It was one big corporate sponsored, mass bullying session where the entertainment was had completely at her expense - I cried for her right there and then - It was so vicious and mean-spirited! - so while it is great that justice is brought to her boyfriend and doctor - how does justice get delivered to Jay Leno - to the audience that feasted on her that night, and to the network that peddled this filth as entertainment??????
I ask that question specifically because Watchmen attempts to ask similar questions - and I don't think it preaches any answers and I am not sure it is the best way to bring these questions up but it very much wants folks to have this discussion. At least, I think so.
Neither was I put off very much by Adrian Veidt's sexuality - honestly in this case i don't think it is necessarily a matter of being subliminally gay - the Graphic Novel more or less lets you know the character was gay, and this movie more or less directly tell you as well in the intro scene with Divine, The Village People and David Bowie! it's just that it doesn't really impact the story they are telling - and while I don't buy that reason in a lot of cases, in this one I do - this character is probably the world's smartest man - no matter his sexuality, you get the idea that he has never been intimate with anyone . . . The fact that he is an island unto himself is integral to the plot..
I mentioned the old DC character the Prez in a comment over at the Secret Sun today - Prez (America's First Teen President) was initially backed in his presidential bid by a fellow named Boss Smiley until Prez figured out his corruption and brought justice to that particular Smiley - so maybe landmark presidents initiate periods where justice is brought to corporate smileys??
Anyway here is a quick story you might like - in front of me at the Watchmen was seated a mother with two of her children - the boy was about 10 or so I would say. There was no sign of flinching or discomfort in the feller through any of the violent or sexual scenes - however when Dr Manhattan appeared on the screen, it literally brought the boy to his feet - he pointed and exclaimed "Oh Mommy, look at his wiener!"
Well bless his little heart - I have wanted to yell that out loud I don't know how many times! See? - you can find heroes anywhere . . . .

Jake Kotze said...

Just Ice is coming...

Crystallized water/Isis/Aquarius?

Michael said...

David - thanks for the info about Veidt's character, I haven't seen it, maybe I will once it goes to rental. The "gay" villain is so overdone it makes me think that this is actually an example of projection - making a villain out of the gay (dark) side?

yea, great point about the wolves in the media, and the audience. Who brings justice to them? The Shadow knows...

You're right, I LOVE the story about the little boy, thanks. :-)

Jake - yea, interesting. The Crystalline Entity?

Michael said...

OK, a few more things... David's comment about Boss Smiley made me think of the Smiley Face Killer, who adorns this poster. This is simply another face of the Joker. The Joker is a "herald" of coming justice.

Your reaction to Anna Nicole's mistreatment is inline with the eunuch "defender" archetype, that I mention in The Dry Tree. I recall that when Britney Spears was similarly degraded, it was a wisp of a gay man - Chris Crocker - who came to her defense with "Leave Britney Alone". For whatever reason, there is a very powerful connection between fallen goddesses and gay men.

Terry said...

Justice served - Pakistan agrees to reinstate a fired chief justice and free activists arrested this past week to help defuse a political crisis that has sparked violent street battles.

front page of @ 11:35 pm

word verification = aries

Christopher Knowles said...

I don't know if it's not entirely accurate to present Ozymandias as an antagonist. I think there's something in our subconscious that associates gender ambiguity with evolutionary advancement. I've been watching old Star Trek reruns (the real Trek from the 60s, not the social-engineering versions) and noticed that the superraces seem to be kind of fluid/and or androgynous. I'm thinking the Talosians (played by women, voiced by men) the Metrons (ditto), Plato's Stepchildren (nuff said) and Landru.

Note throughout history how the aristocracies have effeminized themselves. Note today how rural, uneducated anti-gay is at war with the urban, educated gay/pro-gay.

There's something much deeper at work here, something strange in our DNA...

Esperanto Grrl said...

Anna Nicole Smith was someone I always found a dimwitted and slightly unpleasant person, one of that category of people that are "famous for being famous," like Paris Hilton, Kardashian and so on. They always made the premise of the Mike Judge film Idiocracy all the more believable: the idea that the human race is becoming less intelligent because of the media and advertising sloganeering.

Still, it's been my absolutely hard-earned experience (having lost a few friends and relatives here and there in High School and College) with those that are self-destructive, that part of what makes their self-destruction possible are enablers that surround them and encourage their bad habits, the worst elements of their character. If they had surrounded themselves with different people, maybe things had gone differently.

Thus, I absolutely thirst for Howard K. Stern's blood.

But for the grace of God that could have been me: I had that terrible combination that leads to addictive personalities, perfectionism and obsessive self-loathing (I was a functional anorexic/bulimic all through Middle and High School, and don't let anybody tell you it's about the media image or whatever: it's about something broken in yourself. Every anorexic I ever knew had a 4.0 GPA.)

As for Watchmen, you heard right, and the one change they made that really got my goat was that they made Ozymandias explicitly gay. In the comic book, Ozzy was one of those asexual people that didn't have relationships because he just worked so damn hard. He was also cryptic and poker-faced, and never showed any of his real feelings, and was deeply aloof from normal people because of his intelligence, which is why he didn't have any real companionship.

This movie, though? They set the stage right away by putting Ozzy right in front of Studio-frickin'-54. My homometer bleeped into the Red Zone. On his computer there's a file marked "Boys." His costume has nipples on them. And while Ozymandias was supposed to be very charming, smart enough to downplay his own intelligence, this guy came off as a creepy megalomaniac.

I personally blame director Zack Snyder for this, because all of these traits are on display in his earlier movie, 300. I have to write a review on my blog sometime, "Why I don't like 300." Steal a page from the War Nerd's book and call it "Triumph of the Vile?" :-)

Michael said...

OK, to start at the end, War Nerd wrote a book??? Years ago I used to follow an American expate blog/newspaper from Moscow called eXile, same nerd?

Is bodybuilding the flip male side of anorexia?

Snyder is like, some homophobic freak or something. Glorifying all that masculine energy, but only for war. I almost guarantee he's a self-hating homo.

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