Dec 21, 2007

Dagon Rising

Mer-people were on the rise this year, surging along with the record floods. Sonar sync pings abound, and one of my favorite boatnut blogs - Never See Land (a blog worth visiting for the pun of it) devotes a post a day (!) to mermaids of every stripe (as long as they’re feminine). Mariners and mermaids go together like love and marriage - a horse and carriage. Which is a bit odd, because mermaids are infamous for luring mariners onto the rocks - Sirens. They’re not to be trusted, as Disney’s Peter Pan clearly shows:

"I was only going to drown her"

As a child, one of my favorite picture books was about merfolk (sadly, I have no idea of the title or author) who, Disney notwithstanding, attempted to WARN mariners about the dangers of the rocks - not lure them to destruction. Sometimes Sirens sing to warn, and sometimes to lead astray. Hmmm. Maybe the Siren song was always the same (the song remains the same), but some mariners heard the song and were warned away, while others heard it and were attracted. Same message, different reading. Its all in the interpretation.

The Media is the Siren of our age - the Dagon rising, now almost fully born. The internet is the last step toward it’s realization - the capstone within view. Some (most) sing her praises (thus suiting her vanity), and even those who would warn us are using her (that whore of babble on), which in the end, only fills her cup "double tall". She can’t lose, and she knows it. No such thing as bad press - the media IS the message.

In just six years, the 911 Mega-ritual has achieved a level of mythic collective consciousness that formerly required centuries, if not eons. The Media is the reason (for the season). From its birth via C(NN) Section to its instant propagation on the internet, the ritual is subject to a thousand interpretations, from the official version to alien holograms to... whatever you want. The Siren call/warning of 911. Emergency. Emergence Sea. Emerge Agency ...the beginning of birth pains. --Matthew 24:8

Ulysses and the Sirens --Herbert James Draper

In order to make his way safely past the Sirens, Ulysses plugged the ears of his crew, but he had himself bound to the mast with ears bared, so that he might hear the Siren call, yet be powerless to follow. Sometimes I think of gay men as “bound to the mast” (the phallus) like Ulysses - hearing the siren call of the feminine, but powerless (impotent) to follow.

I have a feeling that this war will not be won with words, even blogosphere words. The pen is mightier than the sword, but there is something even mightier than the pen. The MESSAGE that is the message. Now that would be something to witness.

No “mermaid problem” here.


aferrismoon said...

Ulysses as Christ upon the cross, too. The reason the cross is the Mast, borrowed Greek mythology, reminding all that we have a Oceanic history. Are the sirens warning us not to land, don't stay too long, be on your way?

Adam Star said...

Awesome. "I was only going to drown her.", I love that. With the name "Peter Pan" Barrie tells us that Pan is the Key to Neverland (the Dream Time). Note also that Peter Pan =The All Stone (the Philosopher's Stone, the Cosmic Cube). I try not to give my heart to cartoon characters, but I've ever been in the thrall of Tinkerbell.

In the great BBC sci-fi comedy "Red Dwarf" there was the classic "Better Than Life" episode. Lister, Rimmer (marked with an H, also Lara Croft's manservant) and the Cat enter a virtual reality Dream Time where all their fantasies are made manifest. The Dionysian Cat imagines several girlfriends for himself, including Marilyn Monroe (a mermaid, Marilyn=Mary+Lynn=Sea+Lake and Monroe=Moon Roe) and an actual Mermaid, but with the head of a fish and the legs of a woman. When Lister suggests the top should be a woman and the bottom a fish tail, Cat replies, "That's the stupid way around."

David said...

Thanks for the plug! Mermaids are of course bifurcated - half woman half fish, equally attractive and deadly, like women themselves (for most mariners) or the sea itself.



Michael said...

Ulysses as Christ, upon the phallus/mast/tree. Wow. Yea, Tink's quite the little hottie. As a certified Lost Boy, I never understood why Peter wanted a mother around to ruin the fun. I still don't.

I think that Red Dwarf scene is actually on the wikipedia mermaid page. Of course it is - Media knows (I think a movie star should name their next kid Media - or Medio, Medius if it's a boy).

Thanks for stopping by David. Women = fish. Pisces. Hmmm.

aferrismoon said...

Apple Pisces.
Possibly the whole cross-thing, sirens, and other distractions, could be seen as the male transforming his orgasm from a seeding the ova, to seeding the inner female.
The pain on the cross = the need to ejaculate prematurely, that is before we and our partner mature , in the long and short term. The Ascension .......

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