Jul 25, 2013

In Hoc Signo Vinces

A lot of my strongest syncs are strong because of their timing and the fact that they are so intensely weird. I got one of those this week.

It began with red cross syncs, I think I can blame VALIS for that:

Fat identified with the heavily-armored Teutonic knights with their slot-eyed masks and ox-horns projecting out on each side; he drew each knight carrying a huge shield and a naked sword; on the shield Fat wrote: ‘In hoc signo vinces,’ which he got from a pack of cigarettes. It means, ‘In this sign you shall conquer.’

It's the red cross, of course: the sign of the Templars, England, and St. George, the dragon slayer. So of course, our new Cancer (crab, Dogon) Prince, moonchild, quest... thing - is named George.

St. George slays the dragon

The odd thing is that I was reading The Young Protectors (gay superhero comix) last week, and I took a screen shot of this scene because the magician character is talking about magic and it resonated for me, I notice the red crosses on the left panel. And mention of the dragon.

But this is where it gets weird. I was visiting a collectively independent work space yesterday called "colab" and they had a big "phone booth" in there that they called "the Superman room", but they had a pic of Doctor Who pasted to it, because it looked a hell of a lot like a Tardis - but made of clear cedar.

This is sync-nificant because I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan but I do like it for syncs, and I posted my one and only Dr. Who episode analysis back in 2008: Dr. Who Saves the Titanic. It was about an Xmas episode: Voyage of the Damned, that starred Kylie Minogue as a cocktail waitress aboard a doomed inter-galactic space cruise ship called the Titanic. She's plays Astrid (Nordic goddess: "divine beauty"). And she steps on top of a red cross box to kiss the Doctor, and is thus saved.

Astrid at dawn

Today, I see that the crew of the Astrid was saved by lifeboats with a red cross:

Courtmacsherry Harbour and Kinsale lifeboats, along with other boats, helped to rescue 30 people from the sail training ship, Astrid, which had struck a rock and was sinking off the Cork coast.
Back to yesterday, Var and I visited Marrowstone Island again, which is strongly representing the island of Id to me - see A Road Trip With VALIS for more of that. There was a small sailboat for sale on the side of the road, and Varen insisted we stop to check it out. It was a Coronado 15.

Coronado 15

Francisco Vásquez de Coronado = Conquistador.

What an ass hat

I've previously noted the red cross solar sign associated with Columbus and the discovery of the New World. Like so many grail seekers, Coronado was digging for gold in all the wrong places. The pearl of great price is not found within an oyster or within the earth, she lies within. She is our subconscious, and she wants to be conquered.

Onward, brave sync knights! And remember... in this sign you shall conquer.

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