Jul 7, 2013

It's Hammer Time

Following up on my desire to learn more about my Nordic roots, I watched Marvel's 2011 'THOR' on Gay Pride weekend. Which syncs because the movie is all about the Bifröst "rainbow bridge", and well, gay = rainbows. So... does gay also = stargate?
In Norse mythology, Bifröst, is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.
In the film, the bridge is very icy and slippery, quite frosty. This ties in with the idea of travel between "frozen time blocks" of the multiverse, with Santa's sled being our primary cultural example. We also get a madly spinning ball that shoots the dimensional traveler through a cannon (penis) and deposits said traveler via a tornado. Hello, Dorothy.

All this takes place in New Mexico, the land of Area 51 and SETI, the same place where Ellie Arroway makes First Contact, via a bunch of crazy spinning wheels.

A quick screen grab shows our characters beneath a spinning rainbow wind sock. It is that rotational (feminine) energy that is key. Everything, from galaxies to solar systems to atoms rotate, and it is that rotating motion that is the source of all life. I think VALIS told me that.

The Marvel hammer of Thor is imprinted with a tri-radial design, the triquetra, the symbol also imprinted upon the New King James bible. However, I suspect that Thor would have preferred a swastika. In any case, both the triquetra and the swastika represent rotating solar symbols, with various spokes dividing up the universe into quadrants, or what have you.

So anyway, back to the plot. it's yet another battle between brothers. Thor, who is the big, arrogant, Aryan captain of the football team, popular with the ladies and a real "man's man", vs. Loki, who is the thin and pale, artistic homosexual who secretly lusts after his own brother.

Loki is actually a child of the Jötunn, or Frost Giants. He has been raised amongst the Æsir as one of their own.

The Frost Giants are all male, blue skinned, and have some crazy ability to freeze their victim in time blocks. I think they might be gay time lords. Loki is a Jötunn, but like gay people, he is raised among the straights, as one of their own.

Loki represents the classic closeted gay. He hates who he is, he lusts after his own sexy brother, and in the end, he tries to destroy the entire Jötunn realm.

Loki is fucked up. He can't express his forbidden love, and like an X-Gay Christian, he'd rather destroy that part of himself than deal with it honestly. Fortunately, Thor destroyed the Bifröst bridge rather than let Loki destroy his own gay DNA. Makes me think that Thor may be straight, but not narrow.

And so we are lost. Our connection to the Gods is destroyed, all because of homophobia. Even though the Gods consider the Rainbow Bridge beyond repair, it is obvious that we are to re-build the bridge, from the other side.

And that is what Gay Pride means to me.

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